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What do 50 Plus Bloggers think about Love, Relationship & Romance?

Hello my dear awesome Readers,

Have you got bored and tired of seeing a Tech Blogger always talking about technology posts? a Food blogger about foodies, Travel blogger about pilgrims and travels, Pro blogger teaching blog tips, Affiliate blogger about marketing and money and all? It is so mechanical and so natural for us to hear and see this stuff from these serious bloggers and even I do the same for my niche.

But with a crazy idea of me getting to know what all niche bloggers will be thinking about the three crazy words on this lovely “Valentine Day”? sounds interesting isn’t it?

Ok, let’s quickly jump on the original topic. So here is the question I had in my mind and I thought it should have an expert thought to make up for a roundup post. There are 54 awesome bloggers worldwide who took their valuable time to answer my question and shared their thoughts on that topic.

I sincerely thank each one of these bloggers for making this post added some value. So what are you waiting for? and forgot to say, there are tons of quotes from each blogger if you can seriously go through each one them… so its celebrate this Valentine day with our Professional bloggers in a LOVABLE way..:)

What is Love, Relation & Romance meant for you?

1) Yamini Kharat Saha – The Vibrant Writer

I consider myself one of the blessed one when it comes to the topic of love, relationship & romance. I believe love (unconditional) is the purest form of divine energy that the lucky one gets to experience. It comes from various sources through like parents, friends, spouse even pets. The wise appreciate love in their life and it grows by leaps and bounds, fools take it for granted and it perishes.

Just like love, relationships get stronger when they are valued. I believe a perfect relationship is the one in which we can be ourselves. In a perfect relationship, there are no hidden secrets, no lies and no pretending. I know I am in a great relationship when I do not have to think before talking with that particular person.

I do not believe in stereotypical dreamy situations when it comes to spending some romantic time with the man of my life. I have been with him for 16 years and in all this time, the most romantic things we did together has been making each other laugh our heads off and being a team when it comes to facing any challenge.

Supporting each other in ups and downs and just being best friends for life. Just like the initial dating days today’s also we crave to spend as much time together as possible. Every minute can become romantic when you accept and appreciate your partner wholly.


2) Archana.C.Kapoortravel with Archie

Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. It’s an ode, a poem which personifies the most neutral of things!

A relationship born out of love is the sweetest one that can exist and romancing a love relationship is like the icing on the cake! Such romance is like a breath of fresh air, the scent of which will never fade… Times may change, times may fly… But the fragrance of that relationship will exist till time immemorial!


3) Mridula – traveltalesfromindia

Love is a beautiful thing.But I am not sure it is best expressed on a particular day or via buying gifts.

Call me cynical but that is what I think!


4) Rafi Chowdhury – Rafi Chowdhury

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.It always protects, always trust, always hopes, always perseveres.


5) Anjali Sengar – zig zac mania

For me, in a relationship, two people are connected by love; it doesn’t matter where they are, what they do, what

their age is, there are no limits to define love, if they have to meet, they would.


6) Erika Mohssen -Beyk –  erikamohssen-beyk

For me love is something we are, we can generate the emotion of love when we are in unity with existence,

“Only love can be divided endlessly and still not diminish.”A.M.Lindbergh

The more you give the more you get.

The heart that loves knows much more than the all the wisdom that books can teach. – Charles Dickens.

We have to listen to our heart and act accordingly.

Love in a relationship is best without a condition. In a few months, it is 50 years I am married.

My husband, me and 2 kids lived in all kind of conditions in different parts of the world,

we started life 6 times and 3 times of it from 0. In my experience, the best way is to let the other be him/herself and do not want to change him/her. To change something, be the change yourself.

Important :  Love is an act of endless forgiveness;  Peter Ustinov

Give your partner freedom. This quote proved true:

“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.”Thich Nhat Hanh

For a romance:

Never confuse love with sex, it is a natural part of a love relationship or romance.

“If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.” Richard Bach

This in short my thoughts and experience about love, relationship, and romance.

Happy Love Day to all 🙂


7) Tina Acharya 

Love: When you close your eyes and see the person close to your heart…It’s purely love. When you are quite busy but still someone peeps in your mental screen…it’s love. When the thought of non-existence of someone sinks your heart and slows down your beats…it’s Love.

 Relationships: Relationships are like affairs in politics…can change at any time, any point!

Relationships are like butterflies in your hand… you can’t let it free nor can you hold it tight.

Relationships are like facial skin…you need to do that extra pampering to keep them right and glowing as else it will lose its luster.

Romance:  A ravenous thirst.


8) Pradeep Kumar –  hellbound bloggers

 “Love is basically an understanding between two souls, people believe in love at first sight, but I don’t know whether it’s based on attractiveness or mannerism or whatever, but it takes some time to truly understand someone and fall in love.

Your best friend could become your life partner. We should love someone so that we can spend the rest of our life with the person we trust the most, respect the most, understand the most and most importantly love the most.”

9) Sue Anne Dunlevie – successful blogging

Now that I’m older, I think of love and relationships much differently than I did as a young woman.

My closest relationships now are with the wonderful women in my life – local friends who remember me pregnant with my son almost 31 years ago, mastermind friends who hear every good (and bad) part of my business journey, great women coaches like Tara Gentile, Rachael Cook and Kim Roach, who have taught me how to make my business work for me and my 85-year-old Mom, who is still my friend as well as mother.

I’ve been blessed to have these strong and powerful women in my life.


10) Atish Ranjan –techtricksworld

Seems like a tough question to guy like me who is more into technology and don’t talk much about relationships and all.

However, I will take up the challenge and would like to share my viewpoint.

Love => When we say love that doesn’t mean only the love between boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife. Love can be between brothers, sisters, kids and their mother, friends, or between any individuals. But, we mostly talk about ♥love♥ relationship between two love birds. ♥

Trust is the base of love. Without trust, you cannot love someone. Secondly, you must have the feel for the one you love.♥

If there are trust and feel in a relationship, love survives longer.

Commitment is one more thing that you should care about. If you commit something to someone, you must keep that commitment always. It nourishes love relationship with care.

Relationship => Relationships should be handled with care. If you are in a relationship, you should understand each other’s requirements, likings, and views. We should always make each other feel equal in any of the decision. We should never try to impose our views on our partner. I have read somewhere that Relationship is like a glass, a scratch On any side reflects on the other side too. So, handle the relationships with care!♥

Romance => Romance is what keeps the love relationship stay healthy. Many times we when busy with work, we tend to spend less time with our partner. But, it should not be the case. Give proper time to your partner, go out for some candle light dinner on weekends, plan surprises, go for cinema probably to spend some quality time together.

I have seen many couples who are so excited when they begin their relationship but later with time, the spark in the relationship goes out. We need to try to bring that spark back to stay a healthy romantic life.


11) Vani Kaushal –

My thoughts on love are summed up in my first book, The Recession Groom. There’s a particular scene where the protagonist comes and asks his grandmother what love is and this is how she explains it—

Love is about joy and happiness,’ his grandmother said. ‘You are in love when you can feel your lover’s presence at all times, no matter what you are doing – when you walk, your lover’s thoughts do the walking with you, when you sleep, your lover’s thoughts sleep with you and then these thoughts come and tickle you in your dreams,’ she said. ‘That’s what your granddad always said about love.’

Vani is a former Times of India journalist, now a novelist. Her first book, The Recession Groom was released last year.


12) Navaneetham Krishnan – nava-k

Love is not perfect neither a relationship and keeping the love flame going after many years of marriage is tough. However, despite of all the arguments we have, we are still strongly in love ever day instead of showering each other with love or gifts on Valentine’s Day.


13) Partho Pratim Mazumder – techofworld

Love begets from mercy. When mercy has appeared in your mind, you may be turned yourself for doing for afflicted people. “Life’s too short for hatred” by Shahrukh from “Main Hoon Na”. This earth becomes narrow when you are filled up with negative attributes.

So we should think how to overcome regret situation from any type of relationship. Because we know, it’s very difficult to build and very easy to destroy. Without relationship, society would not be formed. A healthy relationship is like as a shield  to  overcome worst day.

Romance is an art how to present anything nicely. Suppose when you present a thing as a gift to anyone how to do that? You have to wrap nicely. Without romance life becomes dull, there would not exist any beauty. This exercise we see in  a cinema, any music video and even writing in a novel or short stories.

Sweet love to all. Happy valentine’s day.


14) Brent Jones – Buy With Brent

Successful relationships — whether in a romantic sense, in a business partnership, or otherwise — are built on two core principles… and those principles are trust and respect. You need to be able to unconditionally trust your partner, and you must be able to respect him or her as an equal half of your partnership. If those two principles are missing, a relationship isn’t likely to endure when things get difficult.


15) Evan Derek 

Love is the fuel that keeps the fire burning. You can have all the money you’d wish in your life, but without love or potential relationships, or people to talk to, the money is just a source to feed your hunger, nothing else.

At the same time, concentrating a lot on love-romance and relationships costs you a lot of things apart from money, it’s a source of distraction, tension, and, mental stress, because you get emotionally linked with the other people in your life. So the bottom line is, to have a Successful life, ie.both with your “LIFE”, and “career” it’s important to know how and when to balance them. If that done right, there is nothing that you can’t achieve with Hard work and someone by your side to work for 🙂


16) Ananya Kiran – Ananya tales

I am a die hard romantic person. I love the feeling of being in love all the time. For me ‘Life is to love and be loved‘. The definition of love for me is  just not constrained by lovers, it includes my friends and my readers. After all its because of the love they shower on me I am able to do what I do.


17) Somali K Chakrabarti – Life11

Sharing a Haiku and a Tanka  (Japanese form of poetry) from my book Lei: A wreath for your soul  for inclusion in the post.

Sail Together:

Entangled in bliss

Ensconced in each other

The swans sail together


Like a vibrant spring,

 flows effervescence of love.

 To turn into the stream 

of vapid emotions that 

meanders round expectations.


18) Nikhil Saini –

For me, Love is a feeling that we can’t express in the words. Well, it’s hard to find true love. In my college days, I closely saw the many love stories. The Love gossips were on the peak that time. All the girls were busy in making BFs and boys in making GFs. That was quite exciting.

Now please don’t ask about mine. I can’t reveal. However, I can tell you about the present situation. Girls have been more beautiful now. So, this heart falls in love with everyone.

Love can be your power and weakness too. By falling in love, you give someone power to hurt you brutally. Keep your eyes open and don’t fall in blind love.

Relationships matter to me. Balance is an essential factor for the relations so they can work longer. You can expect it to entire life. Accept relation with heart. Give respect to your partner.

Romance is the best part of any love story. It’s the most beautiful time you spend with your partner. Don’t let go the romance factor out from your love life. The more it increases, the much sweeter your relation becomes.

I wish a strong boding to all the lovely couples. Enjoy Valentine’s day.

[My personal quote: Love is life]


19) Saurabh Tiwari  – all Digi trends

” love is very important in any relationship. With love, you can make your relation strong and live a happy life.

If we talk about love is not all about telling each other that how much they love each other. In my opinion, love is all about that both persons know about it and express it in their own way. Because all the persons are not same that’s why they had different ways to express their love.

To make a good relation is very important that both the  persons are in love with each other and to make their relationship better they also trust each other. I saw many couples that not express their love too much but besides that their relation going awesome and they live happy life with their partner, for those couples I think Valentine’s day are the best day to express their love.

In Valentine’s day most couples make this day special for their partners. People buy gift, make something special for their partners and doing lots of other things. People spend lots of money for that. But if you ask my opinion I think that all not worth it. If you love someone there is not matter that how much money you will spend to make that day special for your love someone.

This Valentine’s day if You want that you make something special for your partner then only the one thing that you definitely done by yourself that make feel special to your partner. For doing this you not spend much money do only one thing that everything that you make your someone special is do with lots of love.


20) Ruchi Chopra –ruchi2312

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21) Aishwarya Moodadi

Love is that universal phenomenon which energizes us giving us hope, soothes us easing our worries and makes us stand up when we are shattered. It embraces anyone who is ready to accept it and remains unexplained even using all of the words we have coz it’s something that should be felt, experienced and expressed.


 22) Dr. Erica Goodstone – drericagoodstone

Love is a word with many different meanings and effects. Love is an emotion, a wonderful feeling. Love is an action, something you do for yourself or others. We can feel love and yet behave in unloving ways. We can act “as if” we love and yet actually feel neutral. We can love so much that if someone hurts us or betrays us, our love can switch to hate and bring forth rage.

Romance is what all relationships should include – all the time. Most of us tend to be romantic in the early stages of a new relationship, when we are attempting to win the love of the other person.

But then when we win that love, the romance gradually begins to taper off. At some point, it becomes a chore and maybe feels unnecessary to behave in romantic ways. We stop sending those sweet cards or giving those loving gifts or texting excited thoughts or doing something for the other person just to please them. Relationships that keep the romance alive remain happy, youthful and continually revitalized.

Relationships are everywhere, all the time. We have a relationship with everyone and everything in our world. Some relationships are closer.  Some are more distant. We may deny that we are in relationship yet even that denial proves that we have some sort of relationship. An intimate relationship, on the other hand, requires certain thinking, acting, knowing and caring. We cannot remain intimate when our feelings are ignored or stomped upon.

We cannot feel intimate if we do not feel emotionally and physically safe. Relationships take a long time to build a trusting bond yet it can take a fraction of a second to destroy that trust forever. Relationships are delicate and need to be handled with care. And the most important relationship we have is the one with our own self.


23) Nimi Arora – nimiarora

Using a slightly altered version of a famous quote – “Accept me as I am. Only then can we ‘love’ each other.”

New love, or one seasoned with years of together, it is acceptance of one’s true self, that is the best foundation.


24) Purba Chakraborty

Love is the essence of life, without which life loses its beauty and meaning. It is unconditional, soulful and enlightening.

Relationship should be based on love and friendship in equal proportions along with mutual respect.

Romance is the expression of love. It can be through music, poetry, a loving gesture or a thoughtful gift.


25) Garima Nag – sweet sharing

Love is a profound emotion. Love is imperfectly perfect. The only ONE needed to keep the life going on till eternity. When you can read the eyes, hear the silence, care without wanting back, respect the person..that’s love. Romance just follows.


26) Bilna Sandeep

“For me love is as simple and pure as the love I see every day in my son’s eyes as he wakes up and looks for his mom.”

We as a couple had lots of freedom to travel, eat out, romantic dinners etc before our boy was born. Now we have some limitations on the travel factor. But we make sure to travel as much as possible as is feasible for our boy. We now live and love as a family. We cherish every moment we get to spend together as a family.

Romance have grown in depth for me from time to time..from crazy little infatuations of the teen love stories of the college days to our romantic dates as an engaged couple..then to romantic  getaways as husband and wife and then to the little cuddles we share with our little boy now..

Love is Eternal!!


27) Archana Natarajan

It is a unique feeling and has different dimensions for different people. I will talk about the love between a husband and wife. Love should be the binding force between the two, be it love which had started before marriage or love which has developed after marriage.

Love for each other comes with mutual respect. Love always happens when both treat each other, first as friends then as partners. Saying is easy but living up to it is difficult. There can be tough times in a couple’s life but nothing can hold them strong but love and trust in their relationship. It is like a simple feel good factor.

Why do we love someone? The first reason is that we have positive vibes when we be with them. These positive vibes generate a surge of oxytocin and endorphins, the feel-good hormones. They increase when we are genuinely in love and feel happy about the relationship. Romantic gestures like a simple tight hug and a peck on the cheek can increase the happy hormones to levels which can seal gaps in a relationship which is in the rocky seas.

Romance is all about celebrating the love between a couple. Every small gesture that makes the partner happy and helps them understand the love that you have for them is romantic. We are all different and one can only understand love when they have felt it.

Having said all this, it is nothing like what is portrayed in movies. It is subtle and sweet but when you feel love, you will be happy and you will realize automatically the kind of feeling it gives.


28) Manpreet Kaur – finixpost

What’s life without any relationship? What’s relationship without any love? What’s love without any romance? It’s crucial that you build some deep relationships in your life. They’re not painful. In fact,

Your parents, your siblings, your cousins, your friends… your life can be much more pleasant if you have a lovely equation with these.

Love isn’t all about girlfriend-boyfriend thing or being married! Love already exists in your life. We just need to start giving it more value than before!


29) Mayura Rao  – desi herald

If you feel safe and cared for in a relationship, it is because of implicit trust and love that you share with your dear ones. The concept of acknowledging love explicitly is not a recent phenomenon, it has been there since the time beings with emotions came into life.

Love does not have a structured definition because it is not just about expressions but simply an awesome experience to be lived. It is that comfort zone that lets you say things with ease, it is that little experience that creates beautiful memories and lingers on your mind to cherish it!


 30) Anshita Juneja –

Love means to share, to laugh, to live, to be happy together.

Love makes the world go round.


31) Sheethal Susan Jacob

Love, relationships and romance… Such a vast topic. I think it differs bases on perspectives. But for me it’s all about being myself. Whatever relation I’m in, whether be it a friend, family, lover or life partner, I just want them to accept as I’m.

No one likes to change for anyone else, thou everyone would like to grow up to better person for others. And that’s what I seek in a relation. When I’m in love, I want to be blissfully myself beside him.

When I’m in a relationship with someone I want to have the identity of me and the space for growth. When you let your loved one be themselves, and not constrain them to your boundaries, they are bound to come more closer to you emotionally and I think that’s what love is all about. The freedom to be oneself.


32) Thomas Mathews

Love is the interpretation of one’s own feeling towards another. The feeling of love is universal but the interpretation varies individual to individual. Love is the law of nature; everything that we see around us in this world is actually the different manifestation of love.

Love is a feeling of oneness, sameness, wholeness and harmony. Therefore, there is an absence of two entity. Hence, there is no fear of loss, no insecurity; you are in a state of Eternalness’. Romance is the celebration of the love you are in. It helps the lovers to orbit around love with a freshness constantly.

Relationship is the cementing of life forever in one’s own way. It is a journey from dissonance to consonance. It is the resolve to stay in love. It is a state of confirmation and the end ambiguity. In short, Love, Romance, and Relationship are the ‘Trinity’ of Life which makes it more meaningful and worthy to live.


33) Radhika Mundra – expressinglife

Love: To me, love is the oxygen for the lungs of a happy life. Might sound cheesy, but it truly is the most integral part of a person’s life. After all, to love and be loved is the ultimate goal, is it not?

Relationships: In my opinion, relationships need to be nurtured, constantly, with love and celebrations of its existence. Valentine’s Day is one such celebration and I don’t know why people tend to mock it instead.

Romance: For a couple, to keep the romance going, there has to be constant expression of the love. Balancing career and love life is hard but to those whom it matters, it’s merely a cake walk.


34) Bindu Cherungath – Lenz Scope

Let me quote here four lines which I wrote last year on Valentine Day: हे इश्क, आज जश्न है तेरे नाम का, वक्त बदला, तेरी परिभाषा भी बदल डाली हमने, ओढाया तुझे उस रंग से, जो रंग भाया हमें, पर तू तो सतरंगीं है, तेरा हर भाव है निराला ।

Over the years, we have changed the definition of love as per our convenience. It is often said that Love is blind. But I believe that love is never blind, rather it shall not be. We fall in love when we have the values in common, or we appreciate what the other person has, or we come across our soul mates.

These days, love is full of calculations and manipulations and is more of need-based. Love has to grow beyond our needs, calculations, manipulations, self-interest, and conveniences. It is a beautiful emotion which needs to be experienced.

My love for a person shall not bind the person, rather it shall be liberating for both of us. Love must set both the parties free of insecurities. Romance in a relationship would never die if we love each other from the core of our hearts and romance can be as simple as holding each other’s’ hands or looking into eyes or just by a warm hug. Love is the most romantic emotion in a relationship. Happy Valentine’s Day !!!


35) Sanu Siddharth – Onlyloudest

Actually not easy for everyone in being relationship with girlfriend or boyfriend because everyone know ” Ye Ishq nahi aasan yaaron , Aag ka dariya hai … Doob ke Jana hai. “

so this is true because when we get something with lots of difficulties then later it become more special than our thinking. so always we need to support our partner in any condition.

According to me, Trust is more important to live a long beautiful love life with the partner and we need to try to understand the feeling of each other and my last wish is Happy Valentine’s Day to all of the readers.


36) Priya Sharma – passionate book reviews

The writer in me wants to define love, like my fellow writers. But why define something that’s meant to be felt. It’s one of those things you hope that the object of your desire reciprocates. Otherwise, you’d easily end up writing some sad songs/stories.


37) Harleena Singh – aha-now

Love is in the air! Love is the bond that ties up the pearls of all relationships in your life, by expressing itself in the forms of concern, care, and compassion.

However, before loving others, one must love oneself because you can only truly love others if you love yourself first. True love is selfless, without any expectations.

Romance is the breeding ground of the love bond in a personal relationship with your partner- it’s the trigger that keeps the relationship ticking and the love fresh. So, rekindle your love this Valentine’s Day, if you feel it’s lacking somewhere.


38) Mi Muba – beamoneyblogger

“Life without love is like food without taste or a flower without fragrance or an image without any color. It is almost impossible to live happily forever alone.

So the need of a companion is unavoidable which can be served by first expressing love to someone especial who really is special to you and then turning the love into a strong relationship with the power of romance.

If a relationship is devoid of trust and respect it can be an impulsive companionship but can never be a true relationship destined to last for a longer period of time. Happy Valentine Day to all your readers.”


39) Judy Morris – free mind tree

Love for me is a dynamic feeling the meaning of which changes as a person grows. In teenage, it is all about looks and charm, while after marriage until death is about stability and companionship.

However, I also strongly believe in the concept of soulmate – the one who completes your life in all aspects.


40) Tennyson Thomas – Movies of the Soul

What about “Let’s not fall into the trap of fake love and romance which are propagated on this strange day. Let’s not fall into this abyss of infatuation which is falsely claimed as love either”?


41) Mohit Chabria – my blogging ideas

Relations are not the same in this modern era as many people are not giving importance to loyalty.I believe that comfort, connection, and understanding are the most important things..

In life, we all need someone who will always be there to listen to us, to support us and to motivate us..Choose the one whom you can trust completely forever..


42) Joy Healey – JoyHealey

A very good friend told me “Focus on the Freedom”, so it’s fine smile emoticon Here’s my words of wisdom – no offence if they don’t fit well enough for inclusion: “When Guru Nath invited me to share my thoughts on “Love”, “Relations” & “Romance” for his February 14th round-up post,

I’m afraid my first instincts were “Love and Romance” didn’t work out so it’s “blogs and dogs” going forward for me. However, he reminded me that I could include “Relations”. That’s much easier. So my February 14th tribute is to my family, who have been there for me through all the “Love and Romance” trials and tribulations.

So – thanks to my two fabulous sons (something good DID come out of my marriage failure), to my sister who next supported me through my partner’s long illness and death – and of course, to my Mum (RIP) and Dad who oversaw the whole debacle.

Actually, their’s is the best tribute to Love and Romance…. Mum died just a few months before they would have celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. They sat holding hands every day right up to Mum’s last day with barely a cross word in all those 70 years. That really was true love.” JoyHealey.


43) Shavonne Burrows

What are my viewpoints on Love? Wow, great question. If you had asked me this question 2 years ago my answers would have been totally different. Almost 2 years ago I started soul searching and began my spiritual journey. I can tell you that “Love” is the answer.

The greatest gift you can give anyone is “Love”. But you can not love anyone unless you love yourself first. Dealing with love you also gotta talk about forgiveness, In the words of the great Michael Bernard Beckwith “All forgiveness is self-forgiveness”.

Forgiveness is related to your well-being it’s not the person that you are forgiving. Forgive so that you don’t carry that weight around on you and you’ll see how much lighter you feel. Happy Valentines Day and always remember that Love Is The Answer.


44) Ami Bhat –  thrilling travel

Love for me is that unspoken emotion or bond that exists between two people. When expressed, is beautiful and which is why we must but when it is not, it still makes life beautiful.

The loving care of a parent, the love and admiration of a daughter, the little things that your partner does for you without telling you, the pride and joy of a father and the fact that with some friends you can just pick up from where you left off, despite having no contact for a while. That is what love is!


45) Prerna Sinha –

For all the Valentine imagery, can we actually have people celebrating it with the one you really love rather than updating the status of what you ate and selfies from your phones? Love more …share less! #Just Saying.


46) Sunaina Bhatia

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is literally in the air. Love, between couples, between friends, between a parent and a child. Love is something that forms and binds relationships. It is a feeling that uplifts you, that makes you a better person.

Can there be a relationship without love?  I don’t think so. It can only be a burden. Even in a professional relationship, a certain ‘liking’ is crucial for smooth sailing.

To make love last, and here I mean the love between couples, romance is indispensable. Romance for me is the small things we say to each other on a regular basis, that show our concern for the well-being for the other. Romance is the little gestures made by both partners that prove that they are complete only when they are together.


47) Felicia Nazareth – Flawsome Felishia

To me, a real relationship is something that will last forever. It is a way to recognize someone day by day and to help each other grow. It is where you accept a person the way they are with all the good and bad they have inside them.

A relationship must have trust, forgiveness and understanding. True love happens to everyone. It happens during times we don’t expect it to happen. It is the most beautiful and wonderful and amazing thing ever. It’s not just based on looks, but everything beyond that. True love is meant to stay forever.


48) Kashish Mahtani – mehkashi

Bollywood has never quite understood love and rather unfortunately perpetuated the ‘boy-meets-girl and they live happily ever after’ clinch. Love is a profound, nearly inexplicable emotion that creates an unbreakable bond between souls.

The deeper the emotion, the tougher to express. Note when I say ‘souls’. Loves the communion of spirits, far beyond physical barriers. Outside the boundaries of number, age and gender, love flourishes. I speak about the unselfish love of a mother for her child; of man for his God, of love between family and friends.

Ask me what I think about romance and I’ll narrate to you tales of Lord Krishna; of romantic poets and their admiration for Mother Nature. The meaning of ‘Relationships’ is terribly restricted these days. You could share a beautiful relationship with your pet or a stray and be tied to each other by selfless love. This Valentine’s Day, let’s broaden our minds to accept love in all its glory!


49) Kokila Gupta

To me, love is Exquisite and Revolutionary at the same time.

It moulds a man out of a being, it’s hope personified, encompasses everything  wholeheartedly, is deep yet simple, has acceptance, forgiveness and patience in its very threads, it’s the brightest and the rarest of the virtues!

Personally, I have found it to be tacit, beyond words, to be felt not to be flaunted, to be nurtured with affection and truth and not to be taken for granted as a beautiful glittering  jewel secured in our crown.

It’s not a drug to get a high from but a panacea. It blooms in the sunshine of respect and is stifled under the clandestine clouds. Despite being the most delicate feeling, it radiates courage to move the mountains and a  warm glow of  security in the bleakest of lives.! It’s a gift to be honored and cherished.


50) Debshikha – Gadget Woman

Albus Dumbledore, one of the protagonists of Harry Potter series opined, “Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living and all those living without love”. He is so right! These words have had such an immense impact on me. Love is a strong emotion, probably the strongest.

But sadly, the concept of love has been narrowed down to a very alarming level. When we speak about love, all that one can think of is the love between a boy and a girl or a husband and wife. But is it so? When I was in school, we always had the lovey-dovey atmosphere in school during Valentine’s Day, when the prettiest and the luckiest girl had a boyfriend and she would burn us with the gifts that she received from her lover. On one such 14

When we speak about love, all that one can think of is the love between a boy and a girl or a husband and wife. But is it so? When I was in school, we always had the lovey-dovey atmosphere in school during Valentine’s Day, when the prettiest and the luckiest girl had a boyfriend and she would burn us with the gifts that she received from her lover. On one such 14th February, we heard the story of Saint Valentine and how it had no connection with ‘romantic love’. Sad to see how people sensationalise things!

I love my mom, dad, and sister. And I can’t fathom how much I love them. But in today’s time, the relation I have with my family members can’t be termed as ‘love’. Such is the one-directional human nature. But I strongly feel that in any relationship one needs to be humble, and should have the capacity to submit to one another. One should not have any ego clashes, no feelings of superiority or inferiority. Love should be unconditional, like a mother’s love for her child.

Love needs to transcend all barriers. If two persons really need to love one another, it should be against all reasons. Love is the loftiest of all feelings and truly makes a person happy.

I would like to quote a pertinent line by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. She wrote, “If thou must love me, let it be for naught Except for love’s sake only”. How wonderfully she conveys to us the essence of love!


51) Manidipa Bhaumik –wpblogging360

 I don’t have any definition for love. But yes, it is that everything which I do for my dear ones. Maintaining any relationship is surely challenging. But when you truly love someone, you don’t feel the burden of that relationship.

For me, Love between partners necessarily means FRIENDSHIP. As they say it, “A friend is what the heart needs all the time.” And I am lucky enough to have my Best Friend to spend every single moment of my life.


52) Shwetha Dave – sunshine and zephyr

Love is life as a person who has not experienced love has not lived. Love is giving, it’s formless. It need not attain back anything in return it just gives. Love knows neither success nor failure, it knows no acknowledgment all it knows is to give and that makes it complete.


53) Bushra Muzaffar – noidadiary

Valentine’s Day is the time of the year symbolically to cherish the bond of love and blissful togetherness. Although I feel that love does not need a season or an occasion to be felt however Valentine’s Day can be made a beautiful excuse to celebrate love.

Since Valentines celebrations bring with it flowers and presents and a lot love and attention, then who wouldn’t want it? But it certainly should not be a forced celebration under the influence of neighbor’s envy or the peer group. It is okay if you do not celebrate it at all. To each his own.

But to discard the festival and opposing it does not seem fair. Although the concept is a western import yet anything to do with love cannot be bad. Provided you do not offend the sensibilities of people around valentine could be turned into a festival to spread the message of camaraderie as well.


54) Sneha Sashi Kumar – lifeasapotpourri

Romance is not just saying I love you, romance is to fall in love with the same person again and again.

Romance is to fall in love with the soul of the person beyond physical appearance cast religion even gender now J And what keeps the romance going is the love you have in your heart for someone, the love which makes you do things to see that one person smiling back at you every time.

And when romance meets love over the years a relationship is formed which is called “happily ever after”


55) Yogita Aggarwal –
Love, for me!

It is the synonym of care. Everyone who cares about you, is the one who loves you. Love is a feeling that can’t be expressed but is the sensation to be felt.
Love is in the moments not in the day 🙂 Make every moment a #Valentinemoment 🙂


56) Vladimir Gendelman – CompanyFolders, Inc.Printwand, Inc.

Love starts out as an invigorating feeling of excitement, but that feeling is fleeting after a while. At that point, it becomes a commitment—not just to the person you’re with, but to the relationship itself. It’s important to constantly support one another and encourage your partner to thrive and succeed.

For me, it comes down to being mutually willing to make sacrifices for the benefit of the person you’re with. When you each give something of yourself, it creates a sort of synergy; both of you end up with more than you started with.
Gurunath: Thanks, each and everyone featured above once again and there were a few of them who even submitted while they are in an avoidable situations. My kudos to you and you people have really made this possible to go LIVE!!

I request my readers to post your comments, queries if any in the comments section below and you can interact with all the above 54 bloggers with LOVE!!

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