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78 Bloggers sharing their new year resolutions

78 Bloggers sharing their new year resolutions

Hi, Readers!! Wish you a very happy new year to you and your family members.

This is my 1st roundup post published in the year 2015 and this was one of the huge posts I have ever published in our BestOfGuru blog. This post was based on the new year resolutions of bloggers worldwide and also about their experiences with New Year Celebrations.

First of all, my sincere thanks to my wife for compiling the data and Mr.Atish Ranjan for his fabulous effort in technical troubleshooting for this particular post and finally, all the 78 bloggers who took their time and stress to make this happen.

This post is a glossary for all the bloggers worldwide whether you are new to blogging or already into it because it contains valuable inputs of some successful bloggers and their new year resolutions. If you can follow or copy yourself on a few of those new year resolutions, then you can achieve new heights in this new year.

This is my last post of 2015 and the first of 2016 as it contains the memories of old years and future aspirations of 2016. I tried to collect 100 bloggers experiences but many of them were stuck with New Year celebrations, Travelling, and other important unavoidable schedules.

I sincerely thank each and every individual who shared the info here and the same time feels sad to miss few great bloggers. It took almost a full day since last night to complete this post.

I would like to share the experiences of all those 78 bloggers in their own words on new year resolutions as follows:

Note: Following is the order of bloggers submitted the answers on time.

1. Raghavendra

2. Srinivasu

3. Rakesh

4. Manoj

5. Saswati

6. Dipanwita

7. Saru

8. Saurabh

9. Rasana

10. Atish

11. Tina

12. Srabasti

13. Shavonne

14. Radhika

15. Kokila

16. Mohit

17. Alicia

18. Sai

19. Lesly

20. Srotoswini

21. Vel

22. Erika

23. Tennyson

24. Purba

25. Ramsai

26. Rubina

27. Namrata

28. Vinton

29. Prasad

30. Joy

31. Leena

32. Rafi

33. Renu

34. Shanthi

35. Menaka

36. Radhika

37. Sanjay

38. Ushasri

39. Harleena

40. Ruchi

41. Priya

42. Ananya

43. Moumita

44. Aditi

45. Sagarika

46. Kiran

47. Ikechi

48. Nisha

49. Komal

50. Pradeep

51. Jyoti

52. Tinku

53. Mohd

54. Maniparna

55. Yatin

56. Rajlakshmi

57. Pranay

58. Shubhangi

59. Adeel

60. Yvonne

61. Chaitali

62. Yogita

63. Sunaina

64. Hema

65. Nirmala

66. Sheethal

67. Ahmed

68. Bindu

69. Maitreni

70. Manpreet

71. Mohammed

72. Sonam

73. Sherman

74. Sunita

75. Ricky

76. Chandu

77. Sasidhar

78. Rohan

1) Raghavendra Satish Peri –  raghava

“I don’t usually celebrate New Year;

I don’t go out to parties or to some exotic destinations.

I enjoy a quiet time at home with some good food along with a book or a movie.

I go with the flow & I work on things that are important for me during the year. There are no new year resolutions that I do usually, I write few things that I would like to achieve & see if I can work towards them.

I did a post on my blog “15 Things That Happened In My Mind & Around Me in 2015” & I am going to reflect on those items.

2016 for me is already exciting to me I will be traveling to 4 destinations, got 5 speaking engagements & I am doing a bit of this & that which I will be sharing on my blog. I see the world in bits of light & dark because of my blindness & life is no different”…


2) Srinivasu Chakravarthula: srinivasu


Receiving greetings from several people. Special on social media, where tons of people greet us.

Best thus far was on 2014 where we have celebrated the new year with our newly born Varshi who came into this world during December 2013.

No resolution.


3) Rakesh Paladugula –  maxability

I like people wishing me a Happy new year.

My better half wished me first time in 2015, I like 2015

Generally resolutions don’t work for me, So I don’t take any resolutions.

Wish you all a very happy new year. Sarvey Jana Sukino Bavanthu.


4) Manoj: pvmanoj

We meet all childhood friends and start roaming on the roads on bikes with full of fun. Eating outside street food. The most think I like is counting the seconds to welcome new year. I enjoyed all the years till now because that was the day my mother born, so we celebrate it by cutting the cake and sharing the gifts each other. New

I enjoyed all the years till now because that was the day my mother born, so we celebrate it by cutting the cake and sharing the gifts each other.

I am very lazy to get up early in the morning and updating the blog frequently. I am taking the new resolution that to get up early and To post interesting topics regularly.


5) Saswati Bhoi –  Exploreitmyway

Hello, Dearest Readers!!!

Well, another year has nearly come and gone, and here I am again left wondering what happened to 2015.

But, I couldn’t be more grateful for the crazy ride and growth I have seen for Explore It My Way in 2015. Anyways, now it’s already the time to heartily welcome 2016; So, what do you do on New Year’s Eve?? You know what I do – Party hard on 31st December saying a happy goodbye to the previous year and on the 1st of Jan, I talk to God one-on-one for hours, discussing all my plans for the New Year.

And, my resolution is always the same every year – To make my new year more productive with And, my resolution is always the same every year – To make my new year more productive with more number of achievements than the previous year (though my definition of “achievement” is different) :). So, HAPPY NEW YEAR guys and have a great year ahead!!


6) Dipanwita Chakraborty – Dipanwita

The best thing that I like about the new year celebration is even after facing n number of hurdles in life, we still welcome every new year with great enthusiasm, positivity, and hope.

Every year brings something special with it. Some lessons, some additions, some deletions. So every year is special in its own way.

Resolutions are galore. But my primary resolution for 2016 would be to write more and write regularly. Concentrate and dedicate more time for writing .


7) Saru Singhal –

I love everything about New Year – the new beginning, list of resolutions and midnight celebration.

It makes us forget all the wrong that has happened and fills us with a bundle of hope to change for better in the coming year.

Well, I am still waiting for the ‘best year,’ and my new year resolution is to stop procrastinating.


8) Saurabh Tiwari – alldigitrends

I think New Year’s Eve is one of the best holiday of the year. Sure, it proceeds a day off, but that seems like a big price to pay for an evening designed to make you feel a) moving for your lack of successes from the previous 364 days and thus sure to resolving to be better.

When it comes to New Year’s celebrations here is thing which I love most. “Go to outside with family and have an awesome dinner” hope 2015 is going to be my best New Year. As a blogger, we should also have some serious assurance and New Year resolution for our Blog.

So my New Year Resolution is for my blog. 1. Do more with your blog posts. 2. Make blog easy to find. 3. Keep it timely One of best thing I have learned in my blogging journey is “Consistency matters more than frequency”


9) Rasana Atreya

Bio: Rasana Atreya is the author of three novels set in India – Tell A Thousand Lies (shortlisted for the 2012 Tibor Jones South Asia prize), 28 Years A Bachelor, The Temple Is Not My Father, and one novel set in the USA – Valley Isle Secrets

My new year resolutions are based on the year that was:

– I was on many self-publishing panels, more notably – PublishingNext (co-panelists CEO of Crossword, Founder of and Founder of Cinnamon Teal), and Times Lit Fest (co-panelist Amazon USA’s Director of Publishing). I will continue to attend such sessions in order to warn writers about vanity/self-publishing scams.

– I was invited to write a novella for Toby Neal’s best selling Lei Crime Series. From that I learned I was capable of varying genre (and writing murder/mysteries set in America). Typically, I’ve tended to write fiction set in rural India. I plan on writing more novels set in both countries.

– I will explore new marketing avenues.


10) Atish Ranjantechtricksworld

I don’t have any resolution to share because I have planned many things last year, and haven’t done them all yet. So, I am not going to make new resolutions rather work on the things that are in hand.

About 2015, the year was great. I have achieved my dream of working from home. In March 2015, I have resigned from my job and started my full-time blogging journey. And, by the God’s grace, everything is going fine for now.

About 2016, I am going to work harder than ever as the competition has increased to a great level. And, I have to match up with that. That is all I am going to do in the New Year.

Happy New Year to All on this page!


11) Tina Acharya

Apart from having friends, party n blasts at home on 31st DEC….on 1st Jan I always do some charity…like visiting orphanages, old age home or sometimes even sorting out problems with my maid. That’s always been a practice since some years ( I always believe charity is a responsibility n I love to start my year delivering this responsibility.

Year 2015 has been a great year in some front as certain extremely good things happened. Life has taken a leap…last best year was 2003….when my life had taken a great change.

Resolutions are many…but the top one is to complete my book and launch it.


12) Srabasti Bhattacharjee

I think the best thing about New Year Celebrations is the fact that you embrace the new, while celebrating the last few minutes of the old! It’s kind of a mix and match that I thoroughly enjoy! MOST importantly, it is celebrating togetherness!

I’m not a ‘make-resolutions’ person. But like always, I would promise myself to work harder now (2016)!


13) Shavonne Burrows – caring4theelderly101

The bestI like about the New Year Celebration is that you can bring in the New Year with a fresh start.

2016 will be my best New Year.

My New Year’s Resolution is to be of service to others, love more and to be prosperous.


 14) Radhika Mundra – expressinglife

The best thing I like is a new start, the advent of a new set of 365 days and leaving behind a date that’ll never be witnessed again. That feeling, it gives me the chills.

Best New Year till date: Well, this has to be this one. I’m in Jaisalmer currently, all set to enter the new year with a bang!

Resolutions? Nah, I don’t believe in resolutions! I believe in new starts, making habits rather than forcing or binding them with a contract that you know will be breached sooner or later.


 15) Kokila Gupta

Well, Guru, things change as time flies, the best way to ring in the new year too has changed rather evolved for me. A few years back it was a dance party with friends and cousins and their friends !

Now, it’s clinking of coffee mugs with husband with kids asleep like little angels smile emoticon The best new year was that of 2013 as it started on the above-mentioned note:)

I don’t make resolutions. In 2016, I’ll try to work more on my kids and be more sorted out than 2015!


 16) Mohit Chabria – mybloggingideas


Every Year we get new experiences.

2015 made me learn many things in life. I believe in learning and implementing things. I have realized that we all need to focus more and keep going in the direction that destiny wants…..

My resolution is to learn more, work hard and complete my study…


 17) Alicia Osmera

My best New Years was 2006 when I surprised my husband at Christmas that year with a trip to Las Vegas for New Years Eve. It was a blast!

Goals for 2016 are to become an expert blogger with the help of my PAC friends. Increase my main MLM business with LifeVantage Manage multiple streams of income.


18) Sai Sarath Babu – Jntufastupdates, Allindiablog

2013 was my Life turned year because, I was switched into blogging in that year. New Year celebrations are just casual like a normal celebrations, because I don’t believe that only particular day is special.

I thought every day makes me happy if I get success in whatever I try for in my Career.

Coming to my New Year 2016, I Should get success in society and make my parents proud while my relatives discuss anything good about me.


 19) Lesly Federici RN

What I like about New Year’s is it’s a new beginning, a starting over again – to me that’s magical.

Every year is a step towards achieving something better from the year before.

So, I have no resolutions except to grow the PAC community to be the best it can be in 2016 and help as many people I can – that will be very rewarding in the coming year.


 20) Srotoswini Svetlana Abulzahabmaverickbird

I like the feeling of vitality of 1st January. It is non religious and non political in nature, yet unites the entire world because everybody likes to be positive and welcome new hopes into their lives.

My best New Year celebrations have been spent in Chukotka, In Kamchatka Russia in Arctic Russia, the indigenous people had come out to worship, chant and celebrate around some holy rock piles and incidentally, it is one of the first places on earth where New Year enters the earliest.

My New Year resolution has been to spend maximum time with my family and least amount of time on the road. I am entering a new phase of my career and from 2016, no more traveling for me.


21) Vel Muruganvelsarena

Frankly saying I never mind new year celebrations. I strictly believe that every second – minor part of a second and its minor parts is new hence I do not celebrate these milestones by the number of days but I will concentrate more on efficiency and consistency.

“Every Second is new to a person who understands this life in the universe”

Have a great future Ahead!


 22) Erika R. Mohssen-Beyk – erikamohssen-beyk

Hi Guru Nath, thank you for including me in your post. The best I like in New Year celebration is the celebration itself and having fun smile emoticon We use to celebrate the last of December and stay awake until 12 midnight, but my family is celebrating more the natural new year, which is the 21st of March and depending on the constellation of the stars.

At least this day all friends and family here come together and celebrate. Looking back I am grateful, all my years have been best years and I would not like to miss one. All of them made me learn and grow and who I am now. Some have been adventures 🙂

To be honest, I do not have new years resolutions, this term I heard first when I came here to Canada. New year was for me always something to look back of the blessings and looking forward for the new things to come. Setting goals and intentions is good but it has not to be in a certain time. we always can set new goals and act to reach them. I always have dreams and goals and visualize them and act in the direction of them and they always worked out to the right time and the way it was best for me. Have a blessed Year 2016.


23) Tennyson Thomas – moviesofthesoul

The best thing about New Year has been enjoying with friends.

The beginning of 2011 was that last time we had a fine celebration, and so it remains my favourite as of now.

In 2016, my resolutions are to watch 100 movies in the theatres through the year and to write more than ever.


 24) Purba Chakraborty

The best thing about New Year Celebration is the smile of optimism in people’s faces. No matter how the last year had been, everyone feels optimistic about the new year. There is a lot of positive energy in the New Year Celebrations, which make me very happy smile emoticon

My resolutions for the year 2016 are: 1. To learn driving 2. To be a risk taker 3. To write more books

Every New Year is special for me. I spend the day with my family. I would like 2016 to be the best New Year


 25) Ramsai Gogan Prime

According to me, every year that I lived till date is precious and memorable..and according to me, this year 2015 is the best as I enjoyed a lot with my lasted till 4 a.m. and moreover me became as blogger on very next day..and met lot of bloggers like u sir..

Coming to my resolution..will work hard in education as well as blogging and wanna met bloggers like Kulwant Nagi, Imranuddin, Iftikhar, etc, and at last wanna buy a bike with my own earned money..thank you..hope all peoples resolution come true…


26) Rubina Ramesh

One of the most difficult and fragile questions Every year promises made to myself -only to be broken.

So this year I plan just to take life as it comes. Cross the hurdles when faced and pat my back when achieved. But if I have to pin it down, I want two of my novels to definitely up on the bookstores this year.

Wishing you and all your readers a very Happy New Year.


27) Namrata Kumari

I don’t remember a specific new year celebration. But every new year day with my family was a special one. I remember three of us (I am my siblings) staying awake, waiting for the new year to arrive and as soon the clock tolled midnight, we used to burn the fire crackers saved from the last Diwali celebration. Our parents also took part in it. Since a few years I miss this kind of a celebration.

The best thing about the new Year celebration: No matter how hopeless and dismal the days are, new year sparks a hope in our hearts. We make resolutions, we think of getting better in various fields of life. This positiveness attached with the new  year is the best.

Like everyone I am looking forward to stick to my resolutions. The first resolution which I made is to keep my computer desktop clean. This is how we should set realistic goals. grin emoticon

I haven’t made big plans about the year. However, this year I wish to be more punctual and go for a long trip to some place.


28) Vinton SammsSureprofits 

The best things I like about new years celebrations are going to church to give thanks for the old year and for the one dawning. I also like celebrating with friends and families over champagne and the best part is the fireworks that light up the night sky.

The best celebrations for me to date is when my son and I went down to the country’s water front to watched fireworks being launched from a ship in the harbor, to ring in the new year. This is about 10 years ago.

I really stop making resolutions because I don’t keep them. What I do is set goals and make plans. So my goal for 2016 is to become a super affiliate by the end of 2016 and I am now laying the plans to accomplish this.


29) Prasad Npdesitraveler

Welcome is not just to the new, it is also a celebration of memories and welcome to new hopes and aspirations

All have been unique tough to pick a specific year…

No new resolutions, just need to fulfil some of the earlier pending ones…


30) Joy Healey- JoyHealey

It’s not very inspiring, but to me the best thing about the new year for the last few years has been seeing the back of the old one! Haha.

However, thinking of something positive to say…. my goals for 2016 are to build on what

I learned in 2015, put behind me what went wrong (other than learning from it) and be more focused. Hope that’s OK? Happy New Year!


31)  Leena Walawalkar

That there is such mind-blowingly awesome stuff on TV! Watching all the brilliant saas-bahus dance is a life-enriching experience. Who needs any adventure or meditation or for that matter, any soul-searching!

That would be a tie actually. What R..Rajkumar did for me on the brink of 2015, Khiladi 786 did a year earlier. Wait, this year could be rocking too with Dilwaale!

To become a bit more ‘intolerant’, oops ‘tolerant’ To respect the opinion of all those great souls who don’t want anybody to have an opinion. I shall simply pen it down instead. After a more than necessary dose of sarcastic humour.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you Guru and all your readers a very happy 2016.


32) Rafi Chowdhury – rafichowdhury

Friends, Family, and time with these people

Every year is a good year for me!

Nothing in particular since I make resolutions on a daily basis. I always try to spend more time with family and friends. At the same time, I try to help people achieve their dreams whenever I can. That’s really the only resolution I ever have.


33) Renu Sethi

Had you asked me this question a couple of years ago, my answer definitely would had been – Party all night. But lately I love this time of the year because the entire family is together and watching TV or just going to park to play frisbee. Nobody has an office to run to or classes to attend. This is the day when entire family is together under one roof spending some quality time.

I guess that would be year 2004, I was in Sydney just outside Opera House enjoying the fire works and an amazing crowd.

My resolutions are exactly what I had last year..

Hoping to start writing soon. 2. Lose weight 3. Hoping would complete everything that I started and not leave or get bored mid-way.


34) Shanthi Komaravolu

My plans are to be a writer first rather than blogger..

I’m keeping my studies on hold to pursue my dream of writing Fitness and spreading awareness bout it is another goal.My best resolution was for 2013 when

My best resolution was for 2013 when i decided not to celebrate NewYear 2013 coz of the nirbhaya case

And resolution since then has been to be more socially responsible. I’m developing Supermoms of India pageIts for ambitious moms who take up the challenges to reach goals despite responsibilities.


35) Menaka Bharathisimpleindianmom

The best thing I like in new year celebrations is the expectation of change. The opportunity to plan newly again..and the happiness of seeing my children enjoy the night with friends and family without any worries

Every new year has brought lots n lots of happiness to me. Each year surpasses the previous one if you ask me today..This is my best new year

My resolutions- to write more..learn more and learn to say NO.


36) Radhika Mundra expressinglife

The best thing I like is a new start, the advent of a new set of 365 days and leaving behind a date that’ll never be witnessed again. That feeling, it gives me the chills.

Well, this has to be this one. I’m in Jaisalmer currently, all set to enter the new year with a bang!

Resolutions? Nah, I don’t believe in resolutions! I believe in new starts, making habits rather than forcing or binding them with a contract that you know will be breached sooner or later.


37) Sanjay Thampy – Yesteethatsme

The best I like about the New year celebrations are the enthusiasm with which people try to shun old things and resolve to adopt newer ideas though knowing that just a few days into the new year, they will be back to square one.

My best new year till date was in 1994, the year I had got married just a few weeks before the advent of the new year, when suddenly I realised that it’s no more about myself alone and every thing that you want to enjoy you tend to start looking from the eyes of your partner too.

My resolutions for this new year would be a bit unique. Since I have been dealing with the perpetual habit of breaking resolutions like most do, this year, I would resolve not to exercise anymore, not to work hard and earn a better livelihood, resolve not to be serious in my life as my family wants and many more such things. At least I would be glad in 2016 if I break these resolutions.


38) Ushasri Nannapaneni

For me it is JUST another day and DATE. So never gave a damn to it. These DAYs (Dinalu) are for mindless consumers and for business to make a quick buck by hiking the prices and then giving discounts on stuff, that we so gleefully run around both buying and showing off later.

As far as resolution is concerned – NONE


39) Harleena Singh – aha-now

New Year celebration is the one that recharges you, and gives you the opportunity to reassess yourself, make new plans, and fill yourself with hope for a better future. Though this can be done on any day, but the New Year’s Eve is the best reason to change and improve. I like the rejuvenating spirit of the New Year.

My best New Year will be next year when I successfully implement my resolutions that I’ll take on this year, to grow my blog and business.


40) Ruchi ChopraBanjaran Life

New year for me is similar to a fragrant bouquet ushering me towards ‘new’ beginning adorned with crisp hopes, dreams, ambitions & penchant to make amends.

My best new year celebration in the recent times was in year 2014, when we celebrated new year eve with our family & friends, in India, after 3 years.

I believe in living life as it comes, creating memories & reliving the nostalgia. So, no new resolutions for me except this one- Live, Laugh & Love. Celebrate being alive. Spend freshly baked 31,622,400 seconds wisely.


41) Priya Sharma

What I love about New Year celebrations is not the party, but the general vibe of Happiness that’s in the air. Almost everyone seems happy and I love that.

The best New Year I had was in 2011 when I accepted and worked towards curing the condition called the insecure writer.

To continue improving whatever little talents I have and keep moving towards my dreams. Making new friends and be a bit more open in communication; I’ve a terrible habit of not staying in touch.


42) Ananya Kiranananyatales

2015 has been a great year for me in terms of blog world. My visit to India has actually made me realize the impact of Ananya Tales. The two month stay in India was the highlight of this year. I had best of both worlds professionally and personally.

I am spending the last days of 2015 in Hawaii couldn’t have imagined a better way to celebrate the beginning of 2016. For 2016 my resolution is to work on my organization skills which are very poor right now and to start exercising or at least walking daily.

For 2016, my resolution is to work on my organization skills which are very poor right now and to start exercising or at least walking daily.Yes, need to get out of my lazy phase!


43) Moumita Ghosh – websiteandtechnology

In New Year I have arranged a get together in my home. So invite my relatives and friends, decorate my home and I cook myself. I was working for more than 7 years in a I.T. Company.. This year I have left my job and decide to do blogging full time from 2016. So 2016 will be the best New Year to me.

As I have told that from 2016 I will do blogging full time so I have made some plans for my blogging work and those are my New Year resolution.


44) Aditi Mathur Kumar – aditimathurkumar

The possibility that come with a new year is the most exciting to me. So many things to do and new goals to set. It is the best part of celebrating new year.

2000, without a doubt. I celebrate it in my home town with the entire extended family and cousins. We were young and it was amazing. We sang, danced and ate till very late in the night, welcoming Y2K.

Just 2: Travel and Write. 2016 is going to be the year of doing. I want to do so much this year! Amen.


45) Sagarika Naik 

My new year celebrations are always with the people that hold the utmost priority in my life-my immediate family.It has become an unspoken family tradition of sorts, to spend New Year’s Eve together. So celebrations are a pretty simple yet heartwarming affair for me.


46) Kiran Acharya

The best thing about the new year celebrations for me is the collective belief in hope. New year gives us a chance to move from last years mistakes and start afresh, and welcome those new beginnings with friends and family.

Second answer is difficult to give because I loved all my new years.

I don’t make a full year resolution because I know I would never keep it. My motto is “instead of making a big resolution for the whole year, try making smaller resolutions every day.”

In 2016, I have decided that I’ll start querying for my MG fantasy by the end of January.


47) Ikechi Awazieawazieikechi

The Best Thing I like in New Year Celebration is when I get to count down to the New year with my family, friends and loved ones.

I don’t really have a best New year because all my New Year Celebration have been so memorable. As for resolutions,

I don’t have any resolution but I do have an awesome goal which is to keep being better at making a difference.


48) Nisha Pandeyseotechyworld

A new year’s celebration is an emotive event that helps family and friends bond together. It creates a memory etched within the timeframe of our lives as we enter into a new era of resolutions, hopes and ideals. This is the main reason why I like a New Year celebration as it fills me with enough happiness to motivate me towards my objectives in the coming year.

As part of my new year resolutions for 2016, I plan on embarking on new business ventures to increasing my earnings. Perhaps it’s time I also gave back to the community. With an increase in income, I could well afford to help the needy by playing my part in humanity.


49) Komal Rawat  iamwire

Our typical new year resolutions like “I’ll quit smoking” and “I’ll lose weight” often don’t survive even the first month, let alone the whole year. So rather than setting any unrealistic expectations, all I’m planning to do this year is have a positive thinking and find focus in whatever I do.

Always remember that it took you time to learn to walk, write, read, eat and so on. So nothing dramatic will happen from 1st Jan itself. Change is a slow process. So rather than saying, I’ll lose weight, let’s say “I’ll lose 4 pounds this month”


50) Pradeep Kumarslashsquarehellboundbloggers

I don’t really celebrate New Year with full spirit but it’s a great way to count our time and understand that life doesn’t stop or pause for anyone. So do what you love and do it now.

Hopefully this New Year will be the best for me. After that, the next New Year.. and it goes on. I see each and every year as a time frame to compare and see the difference.

But I guess 2012-2013 New Year was kinda interesting for me, thanks to Mayan calendar. grin emoticon

I don’t really have any resolutions, or maybe I don’t like that word, but I have some works to be completed this year. It’s just like a stop-watch for me. We are planning to expand our Slashsquare blog network with one more brand and we’ll be launching a mobile app for MoviesDrop. Also we revamped “hellboundbloggers“, so things will be pretty interesting..

These are my initial goals, but apart from that, I’ll be happy & productive as ever.


51) Jyoti Chauhan – updateland

In today busy world, people don’t have time to spend with friends and family since sometimes we are busy and sometimes they. But at New Year, Everyone has time to spend times with friends, family and other important people in life. This is what I like most. I love to wish and thank everyone who guided me in my childhood and supported me when I need.  I feel proud I found some great people in life. Today whatever I am, credit goes to them.

I think Every New Year is special for the previous one for me. So it is a bit difficult for me to choose one.

There are lots of things which I want to implement in 2016 like optimizing the old posts, removing bad content from my blog and learning affiliate marketing to getting more revenue from my blog.

And want to manage my schedule very well so that I could respond everyone who needs my help and gets rid of my some bad habits like watching movie and more sleeping.


52) Tinku Bhattacharjee

So, New Year is knocking at the door, we all are excited to welcome 2016. Well, firstly I would like to thank God and my Mother for all the blessings that they have showered on me in 2015. Actually not only in 2015, should be edited, it’s throughout my life.

But especially I would like to drag 2015 because I got courage to leave my boring Office job. And I was able to enter in this Blissful Digital Marketing field. Thus, I got a chance to keep in touch with so many eminent bloggers, thanks to all of you.

Tonight I will be celebrating with my family with food, drink, music and lots of conversations and definitely with new hopes and dreams.

My prime resolution for the year 2016 is to learn new things in Digital Marketing and make a stable career in this industry. And the list goes on…


53) Mohd Ariftechlazy

I love to talk with my friends and spend time with my family and relatives. This is what I like.

All Years were good which I celebrated till now. So I can’t choose any particular year. I think Upcoming years will be more special.

Here is what I want to implement in 2016.

Affiliate Marketing: I have learned affiliate marketing but didn’t implement till now. So I am planning to do start affiliate marketing.

Niche Websites: Planning to start some niche website for affiliate marketing.

Buying Some Premium Tools: There are some tools which I need to manage my work efficiently till now I am working with free. But Now I want to buy premium version to take my work at next level.

Networking: Want to connect some like-minded peoples and increase real followers at social networks.


54) Maniparna Sengupta Majumder

The best of new year celebration is the optimism with which we invite the new and the unknown.

It’s very difficult to pick out a single one. I’ve spent all new years till date with my friends and family.

I’ve stopped to take resolutions. The laziness in me always wins and I don’t want to see it victorious every year!


 55) Yatin Khulbe

On New Year eve, I enjoy the quality time with family members. It feels great to re-unite with all the closed ones.

The year 2015 has been the best year for me. I came in contact with some awesome people. I learned a lot from the online community.

For 2016, I’ll work hard to build my online presence. As I got the positive push from my first solo trip, I’ll plan some more solo visits.


56) Rajlakshmi Nahata Chhajer

This new year, a very morning we will be going for a worship at Pashupatinath, Kathmandu, Nepal then take the blessings and love from all our elders and youngsters… wishing them the new year brings huge success, health, wealth and happiness , then for a outdoor with my family… spending time with my husband, Mr. Paras Jain and my cute little daughter, Jinisha Jain…. eating favourite dishes… blah … blah and lots more…

Though every year brings something special, but according to me the best year was the year when i stepped for a schooling.. then to the college.. then finally getting my carrier started in the year 2006, joining an office at Kolkata and learning lots of things, great opportunities came up after than… smile emoticon. All credit for these goes to my parents (Mr. Narendra kr. Nahata and Mrs. Nisha Nahata) for what I am today…

Resolutions for the year 2016: Caring for the family, best life style and guidance to daughter, seeing my mumma and this world happy, establishing own company “Shree Bhuwal IT Solutions (”, Socially, I am starting my own blog ( A hub of creative ideas, home remedies, homeopathy and many more.


57) Pranay Anumula


Best I like in New year is the final few seconds before 12 Am where everyone shouts the hell out of them and enjoys.

My best new year is 2014 – Danced a hell like on that day and ice cream in 3 AM

Resolution for 2016 is to the reduce laziness and focus on earnings.


58) Shubhangi Srikanth

Well, I don’t make new year resolutions, because if I decide to do something I never wait until the new year to start doing it…

I think all new year celebrations are almost identical, add long as I remember, I have been celebrating it with the same group of friends….

as* I can’t single out one

it’s just another day to me basically…. nothing special


59) Adeel Sami

I’ve never celebrated New Year. I meant I never participated in its celebration till now as I live in a small village and it is not celebrated over here. But yeah, witnessed the fireworks from a city at less distance. But what I just like its celebration may always end peacefully.

2010 when I landed on the dream work of my life and still on it.2010 to 2015, are my best years and I wish I be able to keep my coming years doing what I do.

To make the best use of my time. Learn on my own and improve myself in what I do.


60) Yvonne I. Wilson – empowermentmoments

I always love when the New Year comes along especially that my birthday is on January 19th. For me that is the biggest celebration.

 I really cannot think of a year that stood out as the best for me. My most recent years that I could recall have been filled with some of my greatest trials to date.

 Generally, I do not make new year resolutions because of lapsing in the things I vowed and not following through with them. However, one thing I plan on doing more in 2016 is to pray more. Prayer of faith changes things.


61) Chaitali Bose Bhattacharjee

Of course, the sun will rise and set in the same directions respectively and there will be days and nights but in between there blazes hope; a new year brings forth for me new hope and a new beginning and as I mentioned before too I love life amidst all its twists and turn. I always believe that life is the most alluring gift by God and I am still in the journey of unwrapping it. Each day, each moment with my fellow beings and myself reveals to me varied human emotions and life experiences and I feel awed at this God’s marvel called life. My blessedness to feel, imbibe and learn as well as unlearn in the year to come will be a great impetus.

There’s not any single best new year for me as I have crossed three decades and in between these years I have few of the best memorable New Year’s Eve. Especially when I am with my loved ones doesn’t matter if we party or not, I relish the most.

Firstly, no resolution just go with the flow whatever life throws at you. But then about certain issues like work-life balance, holistic approach towards mind and health and yes making time for writing and reading more, being a Writer/Blogger and connoisseur of life and literature will definitely be my priority.


62) Yogita Aggarwal (Tanya) – letuspublishdreamtechie

For me New Year brings hundreds of new opportunities, new life experiences and a better me, so why not to celebrate for all coming Goodness? The best craze about New Year is the joyful Energetic vibes those are melted in the air.

Not in my memory! I am still thrilled to get that perfect New Year start

Well that’s a huge list! In short –

I will work to be ‘A better me as person and professional’.

Have to touch new heights as blogger and individual startup.


63) Sunaina Bhatia

As another year begins, I look at so many houses decorated, brightly lit, welcoming the new year. I shared that enthusiasm when I was little. With time, much has changed. As the year ends, I feel thankful but not necessarily celebratory. Reason – my heart feels a deep pang for all that should not have happened but keeps on happening around us. I am thankful for my friends and family who are together, happy, and healthy.

What is best is the present moment and the moments of smiles and happy memories. I cannot be more specific than that. As for resolutions, I don’t, in fact, have never made any resolution just because it is a new year. I make a resolution every day to live life to its best. I remember T S Eliot’s lines here ‘ You are the music while the music lasts.’ So, it is the moment, the present that counts. One should make the best of it.


64) Hema Malini aka Hema Anand

New year means a lot for me. This day gives me a feel of refreshment and a new blossoming. Also, some special things which I like the most are sweets, celebrations with and wishes from friends and relatives, New dresses.

2012 new year – The day which I celebrated with my son for the first time.

Need to manage time well, be brave and independent without worrying about many silly things.


65) Nirmala Santhakumar – mymagicfundas

Family get-together

I made a plan to start my self-hosted blog on Jan 1st, 2013 and launched “MyMagicFundas” on Jan 17th. So, the year 2013 is the best new year for me.

I want to learn some helpful blogging strategies to stay authoritative in the eyes of search engines. Also, I would like to engage my loyal blog readers with beneficial content.


66) Sheethal Susan Jacob 

There was a time when I looked forward to New year back in childhood days, and that was solely because of holidays only. But now, when time passed and every became so busy with their own life, New Year have just become another day with an extra wish in FB or WhatsApp.

But New Year always gives me that hope and happiness of yet another year, time, and opportunity to begin something I never had courage to do before, to bring more change in myself and others and just to leave all those negativity behind and move forward with a wide smile.

One of the Best New Year would be 2012, when I joined a new organization and the new group of friends, went to a day’s trip. It was memorable not because the trip was outstanding, but the friendships and relations and even the lessons I got from that group of people were amazing.

No resolutions for 2016. Just embrace life as it unfolds. Love each and every moment and live beautifully.

Wishing you and your readers a very Happy 2016. Stay blessed all of you all.. 🙂


67) Ahmed Kaludi – magazine3

I have been able to pass through some milestone in 2015 but like we all humans do, I have also made some mistakes and learned my lesson.

In 2016, I will be working aggressively to execute on the projects that are stuck in the ideation phase for a while.


68) Bindu Cherungath – Lenzscope

It is difficult to pick up which new year was best. But, let me say that it is 1st January, 2014, the day, I started blogging, my journey towards liberating myself…

2016, I am looking forward to do many things, but most importantly to be a good human being and give loads of love to my family, friends, and the world through my work and passion.


69) Maitreni Mishra – thestylesymphony

New Year is all about spreading love and celebrating with family. I too love the same the whole world does that is, celebrating with my loved ones. Being with them and sharing our joys together is the best thing about New Year celebrations. The food, decorations and all the goodness of life is all worthless if not shared with your near and dear ones. So, togetherness is the one thing I like the most about New Year.

Indeed, 2015 was the best year of my life till date as I got my dream job and even my blog got the recognition among the literati.

I have mostly been a careless person in my life. Even this is the most annoying thing about me for my parents too as I don’t fear to let go things and people. So, I would like to bid adieu this poor habit of mine as I too want my parents to feel proud and carefree about me. So, the biggest resolution for 2016 is being careful, sincere and obedient.


70) Manpreet Kaur – finixpost 

It’s new year. There’s nothing one would not like about it. You get a chance to stop and analyze what u did in last 365 days and then plan out what’s next. It gives you a new hope, a chance for new beginnings. New year is awesome.

Best new year celebration was last year. And I am hoping even this year would be that great. New year is all about being with your loved ones when you’re are planning another 365 days for your life.. Every year that gives me a chance to sit back and say happy new year to the people I love and care for,That too when they’re sitting right next to me, is my best new year celebration year.

Huge plans for 2016. I am beginning some really cool projects and entering a new phase of my life in this year. Everything I plan is exciting, amazing and awesome and those who follow and my social media channels would always know about it.


71) Mohammed Kaludi – magazine3

Best part about new year is the New Beginning, I can leave all my procrastinations behind and start fresh. I know its not a big deal, but psychologically its very effective.


72) Sonam Asrani

First of all very Happy New Year to all of you. The thing I like the most in the new years is the positive energy everyone feels inside, making resolutions and working on them. Though the memorable is yet to come(maybe it’s 2016), but best so far is 2015, when I got to know about blogging and learned different aspects of it. You can say, in 2015 I found my dream job.

My resolution for 2016 is to make it the best year and achieve my goals.


73) Sherman Smith

I usually don’t celebrate New Years. In the past, I have done so a couple of times, but I’m never been big on New Years. But since my family is from the Southeast of the U.S. the best part of it is eating “Black Eyed Peas” for good luck.

I can’t say that there is one New Year that I can pinpoint. They’ve all been great, but the one that I will remember the most is spending time with my Grandmother for the second time for the 2015 New Year before she transitioned over in the summer.

For 2016, I plan to work smarter, have more fun, keep improving on what I already know, and keep my mind open to learn more new things.


74) Sunita Sriram

A red carpet welcome to the dawn of a new calendar year, a day celebrated with mirth, joy and ecstasy the world over.

The festivity for me starts at the fag end of December in a quiet blissful manner seeing the mighty celestial Sun mellowing down the blue water saying sayonara to the twelve months of pinnacles of joy and troughs of sorrow.

The merriment is a beautiful dinner with close friends and family who I believe are the most precious jewels that adorn our lives. The brand new year starts early with a salutation to the Supreme and gaze at the re-emerging Star in a flaming orange with its rays spread across the blue canvas….I am bowled over by the powers of nature!  No big bash with loud fireworks and shindig but subtle genesis of another revolution.

The best year celebrated with euphoria and to mark the inception was 1997 when myself and my hubby welcomed our newly born bundle of joy after we had almost given up on raising a family.  It was the exordium of a year that was a treat in all ways.

Resolutions…they appear like rabbits from a magician’s hat and abracadabra vanish without any trace and for 2016, my fortitude would be to be wanderlust, soaking in nature and newer skills, unleashing the angel in me and tone down my temper and cynicism and above all regain the relationships lost in a heap of rubble. But praying fervently that they do not become Hasta La Vista!!!


 75) Ricky Ahuja – rickyahuja

What a year it has been. Seen the highest highs and lowest lows, but that is life and makes us who we are. With another new year on the way, it’s that time when people start to think about their resolutions.

My top 5 resolutions….

1) Become a better person 2) Become a better husband 3) Become a better father 4) Read at least 1 book a month 5) Do something extraordinary.


76) Chandu Chandrasekhar 

“It’s starting of the year where I found my $$ increased to thousands with one Website and I was Successful this year in my SEO and Blogging Previous year it was like Practice what we did Blogging with a Group of People like Exams Group Studies (Like Getting links Site-wides) and finally Passed out with Some Marks”.

“Made a team Simple just 5 members team for sites went Good on First 2 months but fed up with their behaviour because of just Money so Time for End teaming with Friends
(Don’t Take Partnership or Partners, or else you may lose money or Either both Money and friends too)”

“Coming to Gadgets Bought Two Laptops, ‪MacbookPro 2 Smartphones Gifted so many things to my parents because of blogging”.

Made some plans for 2016 let’s grow my Kingdom of Blogging and $$$$$.


77) Sasidhar Kareti – amfastech

I like people coming out of their own fenced lands (mentally) and wishing people that they even don’t know with same excitement they wish the known.

Every new year is exciting me as this year. This year gave me surprises like just in a moment, all at once. I am hoping for some transformations in 2016 and I hope it surprises someone.


78) Rohan Chaubey – rohanchaubey

Being an introvert, I prefer celebrating new year’s eve with my family and close friends. We watch some home videos, have dinner together and we pray God for a great year ahead.

Last year’s celebration was the most memorable. We bid farewell to 2014 and celebrated the New Year on an island near Mumbai. It was fun to watch fireworks popping across island.

My plans for 2016 :

  1. Outperform at college.
  2. Launch my first ebook – “Make people want you”.
  3. Help as many people as humanly possible.

If some one of you wants to share your New Year Celebrations and Resolutions, can please share in the comments section below and I feel happy to know about that. If you like this post then please do not hesitate to share it with your loveable friends, co-bloggers.

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