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How to start a Blog – 90 Plus Bloggers Sharing Real Life Experiences

How to start a Blog - 90 Plus Bloggers Sharing Real Life Experiences

Hello Readers,

I am extremely happy to share the happiness of my blog’s (Best Of Guru) 1st Anniversary with you all today (15-08-2016).

On this day, I found many things and articles to write and publish, but none of them looked grand for the occasion.  I thought my readers would expect something big and something more informative on this special day.

So without any second thought, I have decided to go with what Best of Guru has become famous for i.e “The Blogger’s Round-Up Posts”. Till today my highest viewed, commented and engaged articles are from Roundups and Blogger interview series.

For this Roundup post, I have approached every nook and corner of Bloggers around the globe and to my delight, I am blessed positively by receiving 90% responses and 10% of Bloggers dropped due to unavoidable commitments and scheduled they have in offer.

The main aim of this roundup post is to know how each and every blogger struggle, faced challenges, and succeed from that period of their 0-12 months stage. There are a few dilemmas in the initial stages like how to start a blog? Where to start and can I get success in blogging?. I know many of us have come from different backgrounds and blogging is such a challenging career to get immediate success.

From this article I would like to bring the best emotions, real-time experiences of all the bloggers who already succeeded, going to succeed, and thriving for success. I have asked two questions for this Roundup post and got the below responses from bloggers worldwide and in all professions.

The questions asked for in this Round-Up Post are:

  1. Why did you start Blogging?
  2. What Experiences as Learning you would like to share?

The two answers from the bloggers have been clubbed into a single answer for easy reading and formatting.

I heartily request you to read each and every blogger’s response instead of just reading one or two of your known blog buddies. Reading unknown bloggers’ views gives you new and fresh thoughts and you don’t regret missing them afterward.

Without taking much of your time, here are the massive and detailed responses for your reading.

List of Bloggers who have shared their Blog learnings, Experiences, and Blogging Tips

1. Archana21. Sashidhar41. Bushra Muzaffar61. Sheetal81. Nidhi Bruce
2. Atish22. Bindu42. Mohd. Ahmad62. Nava Krishnan82. Sumesh
3. Ryan23. Ruchira43. Garima Nag63. Sathish Armugam 83. Akshayaa
4. Adam24. Roma44. Yamini64. Adarsh M84. Harshil
5. Sue Anne25. Jaideep45. Sneha65. Divyang85. Pritam
6. Minuca26. Geeta46. Manidipa66. Namrata86. Shubha Das
7. Erik27. Ravi47. Aswini67. Swathi Bhat87. Ravinder
8. Donna 28. Kalpanaa48. Satish Kumar68. Shraddha88. Russell
9. Harleena29. Radhika49. Maniparna69. Indrani89. Rajeesh
10. Philip 30. Pushpanjalee50. Santanu70. Dr.Amrita90. Anuradha
11. Anil31. Maitreni51. Preet Sandhu71. Saswati 91. Anindya
12. Joy32. Deepak52. Dipanwita72. Janani92. Dipti Chawla
13. Swadin33. Renuka53. Jasmeet73. Bilna93. Pooja Kshirsagar
14. Mi Muba34. Priyanka54. Monish74. Sadhvi 94. Vladimir Gendelman
15. Pranay35. Pooja55. Kashish75. Sunil Singh
16. Erika36. Sunita56. Yvonne76. Alpana
17. Daren37. Bushra M57. Sanjay77. Sudhaa
18. Ikechi38. Kalpesh58. Srividya78. Tina
19. Vikas39. Prasad Np59. Felicia79. Alok Das
20. Pushkar 40. Sanu Siddharth 60. Shoma 80. Manmohan

How to start a Blog? Experienced Bloggers sharing their own mistakes, Lessons learned in Blogging.

Archana Chaurasia Kapoor – (Drishti) – (Travel With Archie)

Archana Chaurasia Kapoor
Writing was always part of my DNA since the very early days of school. For someone who loves the expression, that trait remains! I continued writing even during my college days and my corporate life. But it was always very sporadic! Writing happened to me when I felt the need to express it either due to an incident or due to my state of mind.
It was husband Desh, who initiated me into the world of blogging. Being a prolific blogger himself, whose love for expression has turned his blog Drishtikone into a cult, he ‘recognized’ the writer in me and pushed me to do it. He knew I was very fussy and hence he created both my sites – Drishti and Travel with Archie himself. And after that, there has been no looking back and I realized that it was always meant to be!

I was really lucky that I have always had in-house support for my blogs. But one thing that I have learned is that it is very crucial to make a great website and present your work well. Of course, I am making an assumption here that the quality of writing is par excellence and it shows in the articles.

I always maintain that one should write for the love of it and not for the sake of it. Oftentimes people do experience a block and that’s okay. A writer who is meant to be will always come back even more strongly, so sometimes that block is good for the writer as well as the readers.
[bctt tweet=”Reading opens up new horizons and helps get rid of the writer’s block – Archana” username=”DigitalGurunath”]

Atish Ranjan – (Tech Tricks World)

how to start a blog - Atish RanjanThe first time when I contributed to my friend’s forum, I loved the idea of online sharing. And, then Zainil gave me the idea about a blog, and I started it.
No exact reasons for starting blogging rather the love for sharing something online.
In my blogging career, I learned that you must be consistent if you want to run a profitable blog.
Only hard work is not enough, you must be smart enough to beat the competition and earn maximum profit from your efforts. Keyword Research must not be neglected and neither is link building. If you miss these you are missing a lot in blogging. Always create excellent content.
[Tweet “No matter how much time it takes to write good content, always publish killer ones – Atish”] Always ready to help because by helping people, you get to learn new things as well. Never stop yourself from experimenting because until you experiment, you won’t uncover the blogging potential.

Ryan Biddulph – (Blogging From Paradise)

Ryan Biddulph - how to start a blog

“I initially started blogging to free myself but also had a strong money driver. Over time, I shifted gradually toward blogging to have fun and blogging to free me and my audience. This shift marked a big change in my online career. I ceased blogging primarily to pay bills and put food on my table to create something lasting, something helpful and something enjoyable for my fellow bloggers to feast on.”

“Learning why you’re blogging is by far, the most important thing for bloggers to know. All clarity around finding a niche you’re passionate about, pinpointing your ideal readers, how to create and share posts, making friends and all those solid strategies pale in comparison to why you’re blogging.

I’ve learned that blogging to have fun and to free me and my readers – predominantly – opened doors to learning SEO, diving into guest posting, and doing all that stuff I resisted doing for such a long time.

[Tweet “It’s like when I made the shift, things came together pretty quickly… Ryan Biddulph”]

How did I make the shift? I faced, embraced, experienced (this one sucks), and released some of my deeper fears and anxieties about money, success, and other limiting beliefs I clung to about blogging.

Example: I formerly clung to deep, deep anxieties around money. Holding these energies moved me into ineffective, ineffective actions, like trying to make money through my blog all on my own. Which led to years of struggle.

When I let these painful emotions surface, and experienced them, it really sucked BUT I quickly felt better, and dove into guest posting and optimizing my posts for SEO, and of course, more targeted readers came my way and I noticed an instant uptick in my blogging profits.

Do the inner work. Then you’ll attract the inspired, effective, proven ideas, influential bloggers, and all the good stuff that’ll help make your dreams come true. You’ll move into the inspired actions that you feared or resisted before, all because you sat with your anxieties, worries, and fears around success, money, and blogging.” 

Adam Connell – (Adam Connell)

Adam Connell

The odd thing is that I never intended to start a blog. I know most bloggers start out with the clear intention of starting a blog – I didn’t. Back in 2009, I came up with the idea of starting a netlabel (a record label releasing music for free).

I dabbled in HTML back then and created my first ever website, but it was time-consuming to update.

Eventually, I found WordPress, and my idea of what was possible on the web was changed forever.

Soon after, I built a new website and identified the blogging element to WordPress as a way to share announcements about our latest releases.

I didn’t earn money from the project, it showed me what was possible when you combine something you’re passionate about and blogging.

And while the netlabel doesn’t release new music now, almost 3 million people have downloaded our music. Pretty cool right?!

I’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons over the years, but a few that come to mind are:

Failing is just the beginning

I’ve had my share of failures in the past and made a bunch of blogging mistakes (I mention the main ones here). But the truth is that I wouldn’t be where I am today without those mistakes.

Don’t let any mistakes hold you back, learn from them and come back stronger than ever.

Build your email list from day 1

When I first started, I got wrapped up in the hype of social media. Listened to people who only knew about social media, and didn’t understand how it fits with a cohesive marketing strategy. So, I plastered social media widgets all over my blog and all they did was highlight how few likes I had on Facebook, for example.

That’s not to say that social is a waste of time, it’s not. It has its place in any strategy. The truth is that building an email list is far more effective at reaching an audience and is a lot easier to maintain.

Use relevance to move the needle on your email list growth

[Tweet “One of the tactics that I’ve found to work especially well is offering category-targeted lead magnets… Adam Connell”]We tried this at UK Linkology (the agency I’m a partner at) earlier on in the year.

The concept was based on a similar one to how content upgrades work – when people are offered an incentive to join your email list that’s relevant to what they’re reading at the time, they’re more likely to hand over their email address. So, we re-organized our categories around a small number of topics we wanted to cover.
Then we created a bunch of lead magnets that would fit with our main categories and set up some opt-in forms. We mostly focused on popovers since they convert well and set them to offer certain lead magnets only on relevant categories. The result?Around 300% increase in our site-wide email conversion rates.
The cool thing is that this was just one technique, and there are plenty of other list-building tactics you can use to move the needle even further. Sharing once isn’t enough. The old advice I used to get about promoting content was bad: “Build it and they will come” and “just share it to your social networks”.
This was never enough. Sure, share it with your social networks, but don’t just share it once. Turns out there are so many ways to promote our blog posts.

That includes everything from guest posting and sites like Quora to niche communities such as or

Sue Anne Dunlevie – (Successful Blogging)

Sue Anne Dunlevie
I started blogging to help women with stress and, after a successful 3 years, decided to change directions and bought the blog, Successful Blogging. I now teach beginning bloggers how to make money blogging so they can work at home and have financial freedom.

[Tweet “The biggest lesson I learned in my first year of blogging was to do blogger outreach. Sue Anne Dunlevie”]. I started by commenting on 2 blogs a day and worked my way up to 5 blogs a day.

After I got to know the blog owners, I asked them if I could guest blog for them, to get more “eyeballs” on my site.

Once I started guest blogging, my stats went up along with my email list numbers!

Minuca Elena – (Minuca Elena)

Minuca ElenaWhen I started blogging, this opportunity was something completely new for me. I didn’t even read blogs or had any idea that people can work and earn money online in a legit way. I was attracted by the idea of working from home, without a boss, and having the freedom to travel whenever and wherever I want.

I love blogging because is the only job that brings me money while staying all day in bed with my laptop on my lap. How cool is this?

Being connected with a lot of bloggers and influencers, I’m often featured as a blogging expert, and this helps me increase my brand by showcasing my expertise to a larger audience. I have clients in all types of niches, like blogging, SEO, PR, eCommerce firms, etc.

I like pushing my boundaries to do excellent work, and I spend a lot of time making even the smallest detail perfect. Seeing my clients delighted by my work makes me very proud of myself and makes them request my services again. 🙂

The most important improvement that I made was in my mentality. I am more confident and more independent. Now, I support my living from what I earn online; I have savings, and my income increases every month.

The internet gives us limitless opportunities. You can start your blog with minimal investment and if you work persistently and you over-deliver, then success will come sooner rather than later.

I have learned many things from the mistakes I’ve done when I started my blog. Here are a few of them with ways to fix them, or better avoid doing them:

  1. Do guest posts on authoritative sites. You will reach a broader audience, get valuable backlinks to your site and increase your popularity in the blogosphere.

On my first two guest posts, I didn’t do an author bio and I didn’t understand why I didn’t get more traffic on my site although my guest posts had thousands of shares.

Lesson learned – always have an author bio to be able to harvest all the benefits of a guest post.

  1. Build an email list. Give a gift to give to your readers when they subscribe to your newsletter. Start from day 1. Even if you don’t have any products or courses to sell now, your list will grow, and when you are ready, you will already have loyal subscribers.

Like many new bloggers, I didn’t build a subscribers list from the beginning. I thought I have to pay a lot for an email service and that I have to write a long eBook as a freebie.

Lessons learned – there are plenty of email services options that offer a plan, like Mailchimp and your freebie doesn’t have to be 60 pages eBook. It can be a free report with between 2 – 5 pages. Although an eBook is more impressive, new subscribers may open it, see that is long, think they will read it later, and forget all about it.

  1. Use an attractive theme. In the first months after I started my site, I used a free theme. The problem is that even I didn’t like the way my site looked. It screamed newbie. Now, after I installed a premium theme and customized it according to my preferences, my site looks much more professional.

Lesson learned: invest in a premium theme to have a pretty good website.

  1. Hire a blogging coach. I started my blog on my own, not knowing how to do things right. After I began working with a coach, I got more clients, I’ve started building my brand, I got more clarity regarding the different options that I have to earn money online and my blog has improved.

Lesson learned – a coach can guide you in a good direction so you can start earning money faster.

Erik Emanuelli – (No Passive Income)

Erik Emanuelli
I have started my first blog by accident in 2010 while looking on the internet for alternative forms of income.

I read an article on how to make money with a blog and so I created my first “blog spot” site. Three months later I had already my first self-hosted WordPress blog.

[Tweet “Always connect with people within your niche. Erik Emanuelli”]. You will learn new things from them, as well as exchange favours or suggestions. Plus, it’s a pleasure to build new friendships.

Donna Merrill – (Donna Merill Tribe)

 Donna Merill“I have an offline consulting practice. I had so many clients facing the problem of financial stability and freedom, that I decided to help them solve those problems. I started blogging about ways to build an online business, and how to develop a blogging business.

Every single day now, I get new clients interested in my 3 step process of starting a new blog… “Start Blogging”.

After I walk them through the 3-step start-up, I help them develop their new blog into a business.”

“I’ve found that, if you want the blogging to replace your job or showcase your business, profession or brand, you must treat blogging like a real business.

One of the big mistakes I made when I first started blogging was to just publish information on my site, and then drive traffic to it.

I soon learned that there was really no reason to drive traffic to my blog (which is relatively easy to do) unless you have it set up the right way. By that, I mean to have it set up to get people to subscribe to your email list, to buy your products and affiliate products, to sign up as clients for your services, and anything else that you may have in mind for creating profitability.

[Tweet “People will usually do what you ask them to do once they trust your authority, expertise, and leadership… Donna Merrill”] Your great blog posts that help them solve problems and live a happier life, will make them trust you. But THEN… you must go the extra step of telling them what to do next… Subscribe, Buy, Sign Up, etc. That was the big tipping point in my blogging career… the tipping point that turned my blog into a business instead of a hobby.”

Harleena Singh – (Aha Now)

Harleena Singh
[Tweet “I started blogging as an additional activity to help in my freelance writing tasks. Harleena Singh”] My initial thought was to create a portfolio of writing on different topics as well as to help the readers deal with life problems so as to bring happiness in their life.
In the past six years of blogging, I made many mistakes, learned plenty of lessons, and had varied experiences that shaped me as a professional blogger.
The most common mistakes that bloggers make are they do not have a blogging plan or direction and end up making wrong choices or quitting blogging altogether. Blogging is an art as well as a science, and you need to do everything in the right way and in moderation to maintain a healthy balance. You don’t want blogging to cause you health issues, do you? Here’s one of my posts on blogging mistakes that lists some of the common mistakes that bloggers make.
As for the lessons in blogging, the most important tasks you need to do are create compelling and helpful content, develop relationships, be regular and responsible, make your blog user-centric and let your audience have a great experience on the blog. Here’s a post that I wrote on my 4th blog anniversary about my blogging lessons.
I hope my blogging experiences help other bloggers. They are most welcome to join the ABC blogging community on my blog Aha!NOW to learn, share, and discuss blogging.


Philip V. Ariel – (Philips Com)

P V Ariel
 My entry into the world of blogging is a mere coincidence. Watching my writing abilities one of my friends said: Bro. Why don’t you start a blog of your own, thus started my blogging journey with Google’s blogger dot com, before starting a blog page on that platform I used to visit other pages and do post comments on different niche blogs.

And later started writing on Google’s Knol pages and that experience leads me to start a blog page with the name of and at a later stage, the same is migrated to my WordPress page. Yes, this is how I started my blogging journey. Initially, my aim was to share my feelings, belief, and my accrued knowledge with fellow beings.

As I often remember and quote the famous words of Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, he said:  “If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading or do things worth the writing.” This indeed motivated me to continue blog writing. I am sure this can definitely be a great inspiration to many. You can read a post in this regard on in this link HERE. p-v-ariel-the-blog-writer-elsewhere-on-the-web-Sheryl-young.

Coming to the second question’s answer, I am sure I can speak volumes! 🙂  This journey is no doubt a great experience in my life. Through blogging, I come across a good number of people around the world and the interaction with them was a really new experience in my life.  In fact, I never enjoyed such intimate interaction with people offline.  Their support and encouragements are really worth talking about.

There are many mistakes I committed at the beginning of my blogging.  As I said, I started my blogging by commenting on others’ blog posts and I used to post comments with my blog URL within the comment. I received a few negative comments or criticism for this activity.

One of my online friends suggested I stop adding your URLs along with your comments, instead, you get a do to follow a link via your profile name.  I could not accept his advice at first and later I understood my foolishness. And at once I stopped doing fixing URLs in the comments. In fact, this is one of the greatest mistakes I committed in my blogging journey. Though it may not appear as a big mistake, later I realized its seriousness.

The greatest lesson I learned from my blogging journey so far is that, if we treat a fellow blogger as our own and help them in whatever way we can, then do it without any hesitation.  While doing this do remember, please do not expect anything in return.  I am sure some results will follow suit.

Engage with fellow bloggers on a regular basis via their blog or other social networks through comments and other interactions will fetch a lot of good results in the long run.

[Tweet “Making friends online, especially with influencers is not an easy task .. Philips V Ariel”], it requires a lot of dedication and consistent follow-up, and hard work. 

Anil Agarwal – (Bloggers Passion)

Anil Agarwal
I started blogging initially to build my online reputation and make sales.
Although it was really hard in the beginning once I started making money from blogging, I kept on hustling without worrying much about whether I can make money or not.
That being said, now I’m blogging to help others to make money online and also to increase my overall personal brand and sales.
Coming to the part of my blogging experience so far, I learn these two things.
One: You need to be consistent. Most people these days start a blog, create content and quit within 3 months if they don’t see any results. Remember that, [Tweet “you need to be patient and consistent for at least 1 year to see the real results… Anil Agarwal”]
Two: Learn from the experts. Find a mentor you like in your industry. Follow them. Try to learn from them. Analyze what they are doing right and find ways to offer help to them so you can grow your blog too when they endorse you.

And make sure to write detailed content to grow your traffic from search engines. If you are wondering how to write detailed content, this guide will help you.

Joy Healey – (Joy Healey)

Joy HealeyI imagined, because I had many years with a self-employed technical background in IT, I would find it an easy way to make money online to supplement my inadequate pension provision.

Here’s what I wrote about my new approach to Retirement Solutions.

First and foremost, [Tweet “blogging is a long-term strategy and not a fast way to earn money .. Joy Healey”]. Getting going was far harder than I imagined and I wasted a lot of time and money trying to learn how to do it myself. Instead, I should have spent a little money to get the blog set up correctly in the first place and taken some proper training. Had I done so, I would have saved a lot of the stress of having to start over again. Also, people suggested I should create my own product, but as a newcomer to online marketing, the learning curve was too steep. This is what I found: affiliate-marketing-vs-own-product-free-information.

Swadhin Agarwal – (Digital GYD)

Swadhin Agarwal
I always knew I had a flair for writing and when I was broke with no job and no interest in the family business I started to look for ways to make money online.
[Tweet “I initially wanted to be a freelance writer only, but eventually,”] I started making my living off freelance writing and affiliate incomes off the various blogs I own. Here is a detailed history if you might want to know more about this.

During my journey, I have acquired a lot of lessons and experience which have built my base even stronger.

The biggest of all is that the more you provide value, give into a community of your readers, colleagues, and everyone around, the more you grow.
It can be helping others with your expertise, with your blog posts or simply giving them something for free. This builds a strong connection with your fellow bloggers.

I have listed all the mistakes I made and how to avoid them in this post in case you might want to learn them. building-successful-blog-mistakes-to-avoid

Mi Muba – (Be Money Blogging)

 Mi MubaThanks a lot for inviting me to be part of your upcoming expert roundup post.

I tried a lot to open the link but it is not opening in any of my browsers. It might be any problem here so I am giving replies here.
Before joining the field of blogging I was a journalist and after being fired from a weekly magazine I started a blog to raise awareness on capital markets.

I have researched a lot on how to manage a blog and was so surprised to see that there is huge earning potential in blogging. After that, it took me just six months to do professional blogging and since then I never looked back.

[Tweet “Blogging is a very demanding profession, especially in the beginning… Mi Muba”] You need to write more, share more, connect more and monetize more to earn more and then finally be engaged more in blogging.MORE is the magic word for me to successfully do every blogging chore without compromising on quality. So be consistent and never think it’s enough and keep doing more either you have a mood to blog or no mood just keep doing as much as you can.

Pranay Anumula – (Tech Informerz)

Pranay AnumulaTo be frank, I started blogging just to earn money from it.

I have started blogging back in June 2015 and tried an event blog in Nov and it fetched me $30.

I have learned a lot from that experience.

[Tweet “The key to learning in Blogging is by experiment… Pranay Anumula”]

Erika Mohssen-Beyk – (Erika Mohseen-Beyk)

Erika Mohssen-Beyk

I started to learn about the internet because I knew it will be important for the future to know about. It was not really about blogging, I did not know much about blogging at that time.
I started to do blogging when I met Lesly Federici and Monna Ellithorpe. I believe in the future more people will start to work from home and I had the vision that parents could stay at home and have more time for the family.
I wanted to learn and be maybe able to help my Grandkids. [Tweet “I think blogging and working from home, being your own boss is a better future way to live for many.”]

When I started, I did choose very carefully a program which I thought I can trust. Because I did not have any knowledge. It did not work out like promised, but looking back it was a start and I got connected to many people. It is not a very long time back, but I see a lot of change for the better for young people who want to start.

There are a lot of helpful people and nobody needs today’s expensive programs. It needs a passion and it is better not to start a niche only because it promises money. It will only work if one is really ambitious about the niche and has knowledge about it. It needs work, learning, patience, and persistence and it will work out, but not overnight.
By building the Know, Like, Trust factor, everybody can attract the right people. I believe there are increased opportunities in the future, worldwide, to make a living by working from home.”The only way to do great work is to love what you do”- Steve Jobs.

Daren Low– (Bitcatcha)

 Daren Low
 One of the main reasons that I started blogging was due to a lot of my friends asking my advice on how to market their products online.

This is a perennially popular topic, so it just made sense to take my knowledge about internet marketing ( and put it on the internet in order to help others out and the content will be there as a reference for years to come.

Of course, my blogging has evolved over time. Now it also serves as an outreach channel to promote Bitcatcha’s Server Speed Test tool. This allows me to reach thousands of users to let them know how they can benefit from using this free, proprietary tool.

Through blogging, I learned how to take my ideas and thoughts, and advice and present them to a wide audience who is looking for this information.

The entire world is full of data. The challenge in crafting a great blog post depends on picking the right data and presenting it in a highly readable format. I have found that the best format is one that includes an easy-to-follow sequence ( Readers are looking for “how-to manuals” that help them perform certain tasks so these posts are always very popular.

Ikechi Awazie – (Ikechi Awazie)

Ikechi AwazieI wanted to share my message that people can make a difference in their community and world without being so famous.

“1. I learned the power of developing alliances and being consistent in blogging.

2. I also learned that building a proper foundation for your blog (plan for your blog, good hosting, email list, and other elements) is beneficial in the long run.

3. Chasing the holy grail of Blogging will lead you nowhere and confuse your audience. [Tweet “Trying to implement every tip and trick shared online is a bad practice.. Ikechi Awazie”]4. Backups are very important and should never be taken for granted.

5. Trying to be like everyone else is just insane. You are unique and you have your own way of reaching out to your audience that will resonate with them”.

Vikas Singh – (

 Vikas SinghBecause I was jobless and this is the only job I have got without the hassle 🙂
[Tweet “When I started It was just a hobby and never took it seriously…Vikas Singh”] But for the last 2-3 years, I am seeing very high potential in blogging. I will recommend to the new bloggers to pull up the socks, follow some known bloggers from your niche, and from day one start implementing strategies.
Don’t think that when your blog will become 2-3 years old it will automatically start producing the result. Let me know I can be of any help to you.
My Mantra:
a) Follow the “No Follow” rule: Don’t just increase the list of followers on Twitter or FB. The cleanup process should also be involved as your social media strategy.
b) Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Helping hands are available.
c) Give love and then expect love.

Pushkar Kathayat – (Tech Geekers)

Pushkar KathayatWell, to be precise I didn’t start blogging. It just happened. In my Btech 2nd year, me and one of my good friend wanted to create a website. The motto behind this was that we were students of CSE and wanted to create one.
After some research, we found that WordPress is software in which you can easily make a website. Earlier we were only interested in a static website but later we changed our mind. We started sharing guides on tech problems. So that’s how my blogging journey started.
[Tweet “I didn’t take blogging seriously in my earlier days.. Pushkar Kathayat”] That is the biggest mistake I did in my blogging career.
As time goes on, I realized that it is needed more time than I thought it would take initially. So I started giving more time to it and the results were really fruitful.
I was able to increase my blog traffic by a significant amount and so does the revenue from it. So I would like to say all newbies, bloggers, don’t ever take blogging lightly.
It’s a kind of a business that needs your consistent time at least if we talk about blogging’s early days. Later things can be automated.

Sasidhar Kareti – (Amfas Tech)

Saidhar KaretiI started blogging in the year 2010 with no objective and to just share my madness about photography. Later, by the end of my engineering, I found my passion for technology and wanted to fulfill it.

My father ever encouraged me to write short stories since my childhood. He is a writer as well. I had that writing in me from my childhood. What could be a better way to embrace both the passions on one platform except blogging?

It was very difficult to write about something. That too, to write about technology, I need to have more knowledge and be stuffed with all the terminologies.

I started writing short articles even below 300 words initially. [Tweet “The consistent practice helped me gain more skills in the field. Sashidhar Kareti”]Every mistake we do will teach us a new skill in blogging and it taught me much and much more to come.

Bindu Cherungath – (LenZScope)

Bindu Cherungath

Being a movie buff, I always had an inner urge to express my thoughts after watching a film, and I found blogging a wonderful medium to share my reviews about a film.

Passion, Determination, Commitment, Art of Expression, Good Language, Unbiased approach in expressing thoughts, Good layout of the blog, Consistency / Frequency of Posting, Connecting / Engaging with the Fellow Bloggers, Getting away with the sense of competition, rather than collaborating with others & grow as a community is important to growing as a blogger.

The biggest handicap of mine is my inadequate technical know-how, but indeed I am trying to meet this challenge with the help of fellow bloggers and online tutorials.

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Ruchira Khanna – (Abracabadra)

Ruchira KhannaMy mind was getting overloaded with thoughts thus, started to blog, which was a mere rambling in the beginning just so that I could clear my mind.
[Tweet “Blogging has helped me connect with like-minded people.. Ruchira Khanna”], and that has helped me challenge myself in various avenues of writing while building my confidence as a writer.

Roma Gupta Sinha – (Truly Yours Roma)

 Roma Gupta SinhaI had been writing almost for infinity and tucking my ‘Straight from the Heart’ anecdotes here and therefore I loved all the admiration I received from them. To formalize the same, I started my Blog in Aug’14 with the earnest endeavor of contributing my bit to improving the state of women in my motherland with the power of my pen narrating their true tales of agony as well as inspiration to motivate the millions of others trapped in the similar situation.
My belief in myself was reinstated when in Mar’15 I received the ‘Woman Of The Year Award’ in Leela Palace Mumbai for my writings on Women Rights and Liberation and I made my aim to work for this cause, a serious business. My first book ‘Dare to Defy The Destiny’ was released on Amazon this year too evoking an era of Positive Change. You can always write to me to grab a copy of the same and aid me to spread my mission further.
Being an absolute novice initially, I fumbled but got many worthy lessons albeit after making umpteen mistakes. There are some points I would love to share. First and foremost, blogging has two aspects, one creating quality content and second making that content reach masses, in as many ways as possible. While I am sure many of us excel in the first, we let the latter go and thus let our statistics suffer.

Remember, [Tweet “it’s our readers who make our break a successful blog… Roma Gupta Sinha”] so we must try and reach them to our ability best and build a loyal readership for ourselves which also means that in the writing world it is the quality that supersedes quantity. Another Important learning I took is the power of networking with your fellow bloggers not only aids you take your blog places but also gives you some lovely friends in the process.

Jaideep Khanduja – (Pebbles In Waters)

 Jaideep KhandujaTo satisfy my intellectual thirst and hunger.

Improvisation, Satisfaction, Exploration, and Sharing

Geetha Sridhar – (Indian Food Express)

Geeta Sridhar

Being a mother, wife, teacher, runner, dancer, a social worker for 28 cancer kids it became so stressful for me and as I love cooking my daughter Dr.Shar forced me to open a food blog, and now today enjoying blogging not only food but also sports, entertainment, travel, and lifestyle…

My experience is in blogging, no one helped or tried to help as I am aged and they never shared any contacts if I asked them and they all thought of me as a competitor and started to unfriend me, or block me or advise me why u want to do in this blogging…. blah blah… but then too without anybody’s help my cooking made me fame through MasterChef season 4, and now I am invited by chefs to review their restaurants.

Now I am strong enough to face all and still, now I never think of anyone as my competitor… for the past year I don’t have any followers on my blog my family followed me so I have a total of four followers for the past year, but I never felt bad or sad.
I kept posting my recipes in my blog till now I posted more than 700 cooking recipes, and I am strong and [Tweet “I will continue my blogging as I do for my satisfaction which makes me happy .. Geetha Sridhar”]…. and in future, after my death, my daughters can cook by following my recipes…… but now without any followers in any social handles, I go per day three reviews and I have full month continuous reviews and nowadays I get invites from Delhi, Pune and Chennai through chef ….. let’s see as I am full busy with Mumbai coverage I try to do that also without any body’s support.

Ravi Singh – (Ravi Singh Blog

 Ravi Prakash Singh
I love writing and want to help someone else with my knowledge.
It also let me preserve my thoughts

I met a lot of new people and learned new things from blogging.

[Tweet “Blogging is the best place to show my creativity… Ravi Prakash Singh”]
And more than the money I like when someone appreciates my work.

Kalpanaa Misra – (Kalpana Writes)

 Kalpanaa Misra

As a writer, I love the idea of uncensored writing, with the discipline of self-censorship to ensure your writing has integrity.

I’d like to share that I was misled by the advice given to newbie bloggers – that you must have a niche blog.

My interest ran to a number of niches – yoga, divorce, photography, travel, reviews, and more. Soon I was trying to keep pace with writing four blogs and visiting people who visited me. My energies were scattered, I was tired and saw no results.
Taking the decision to consolidate all my interests into one blog with different categories has been the best thing I did for blogging.
If your blog is about one thing, nothing like having a niche blog. If your blog is an extension of your business, that’s even more fabulous. But don’t get carried away with the advice being doled out and try to contain yourself in a box.
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Radhika Mundra – (Expressing Life)

Radhika MundraI started blogging when I was in 11th grade, i.e., around five years ago. Although that blog has been abandoned, I started my main blog when I was in 12th grade.

It was basically a means for me to appreciate the people around me, to tell the world why we should preserve our loved ones, and to share the stories from my life that people could easily relate with. Now it has taken the shape of a professional lifestyle blog.

There were times when people didn’t like the opinion I shared on my blog and talked openly about it, leaving comments and that’s when I realised the power of blogging, the reaction it stimulates.

That was a turning point of course because then I started taking it more seriously, knowing that not everyone who reads will resonate with my thoughts, and to start appreciating such people, who could openly criticise, not demean, mind you.

[Tweet “To be open to constructive criticism has been one of my greatest learnings from blogging. :)”][/box]

Puspanjalee – (My Writing My World)

Puspanjalee Das Dutta

Started as a hobby but it has become my passion

1. Content is what it matters
2. Keywords can do wonders!
[Tweet “3. Community support is a must so newbies must learn to engage themselves in other blogs/forums”] 4. Always be yourself. There is no place for fakes in blogging
5. To be honest”

Maitreni Mishra – (The Style Symphony)

Maitreni Mishra

There was always a creative bug hidden inside me and blogging was a platform that could give wings to that hidden instinct of me. [Tweet “I started blogging because it is the easiest medium to showcase the real me… Maitreni Mishra”]

The writing was my forte since my childhood. But when I started blogging, I strove to learn more and more about all the things related to SEO, SMO, keywords, google Adsense, affiliate marketing, etc. Also, it brushed up my language.

I imbibed new and offbeat styles of writing along with various styles of poetry in terms of international standards. To me, blogging is sheer learning!

Deepak Rana – (Shouters Buzz)

Deepak Rana
I had a blog on the Blogspot subdomain & I used to copy-paste the contents there. I didn’t know anything about plagiarism. Actually, I didn’t even think about it. I used to design the blog & didn’t even think about traffic. It was fascinating stuff for me.
However, after some time, I was introduced to a blog (won’t be naming) & after seeing the Income screenshots, I was just like “WOW.” I had no idea blogging had that much potential.

So, this is how I started with blogging as a professional approach. It’s not only about money, but it’s about a comfortable zone. Internet marketing is my kind of thing.

One should learn how things work before jumping right on the ground. It’s just not about passion. Blogging is about SEO & marketing. If your interest lies in a competitive niche, then you’ll find it hard to make something out of your blog.

Therefore, always try to pick a niche that you can crack with fewer efforts. Don’t try to compete with Authorities until & unless you have got a proper blueprint. And, do blogging with a professional approach. Market yourself with your blog & make a good-looking blog hosted on a premium hosting server.

[Tweet “Anybody can blog, but not all can make a successful blog or live out of a blog… Deepak Rana”] So, learn & take decisions without any excuses.[/box]

Renuka Walter – (Renuka Voyager For Life)

Renuka WalterInitially, I started blogging to showcase my travel photographs and build my writing portfolio, but I continued to blog for the joy it gave me.

Blogging has given me the freedom to be myself, to write what I want to write, and hone my creative skills. So, the whole process has been a learning and it will continue to be.

Priyanka George – (Priyanka George)

Priyanka George

I have a page Homemade Remedies for Glowing Skin on Facebook, wherein I used to type out DIYs in a simple way. But followers wanted it in precise detail so one of my friends suggested to me why don’t start my own blog which I didn’t initially.

Later when I lost 24 kgs, my friend, again suggested to me why don’t you share your weight loss story with the whole world and that’s how came into existence.

Concentrate on your work. Don’t keep a check on what others are doing. Mingle less with other bloggers as some of them can really distract and demotivate you.

Focus and be determined on your work and nothing can stop you. [Tweet “Don’t share your upcoming ideas for blogs with other bloggers before you do it… Priyanka George”] Mind your business and talk less. Remember “God helps those who help themselves

Pooja Bhatt – (Chill Karo Yaar)

Pooja Bhatt

Initially when I started Blogging: I was like Co-ordination between the Content – Points to be Shared and the Images depicting those Points were Missing !!

This has helped me a lot to Focus on what and how exactly my Content will be shared 🙂

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Sunita Sriram – (Sunita Sriram)

Sunita Sriram

I was always in the habit of pouring my heart out in my diary in the days of yore before the advent of technology in a big way in our lives and this turned into a passion when my buddy initiated me into the weblog concept way back in 2007.

Added to this was my awe-inspiring dad with his inimitable and humorous style of writing and I thought that one day I could come somewhat close to his expressions! You can read more of my grand entry here… My Interstellar Voyage.

[Tweet “My first official post happened in 2009 and the journey over these 7 years has been exhilarating and fascinating… Sunita Sriram”] Each day is a learning experience and the comments (which are few and far in between) are motivating, to say the least.

The greatest exposure in these lovely years is the interactive platforms such as Indiblogger, blogadda, and Blogmint which are immensely interactive and give us the wonderful opportunity of meeting diverse bloggers, many of whom simply blow our minds away!

Nowadays, I am on a new high with the ownership of a domain space and I feel like I am on cloud may want to visit my domain with a cross-section of posts that will make your heads nod in agreement, voice your dissent or simply guffaw at my idiosyncrasies! Enter at your own risk at for the doors are always open.

Bushra M – (Stiletto Maniac)

Bushra M

I wanted a space where I could express myself… A friend with whom I could talk non-stop and pour my heart into and not get judged.

For a more detailed reason check out this post:

Blogging is thrilling. There’s a new thing to learn every day.

[Tweet “The best thing my blog gave me was my lost soul and inner peace!! – Bushra M”]

Kalpesh Makwana – (Free Guest Blogging)

Kalapesh MakwanaI have started the blog to earn money by accepting the guest post but slowly it becomes a passion for me and till today it is my passion to become a well-known blogger.

Blogging is not an easy task.

[Tweet “I strongly say that part-time blogging does not give you much success as you think.”]

I learn so many things during my blogging career.

For eg. When I started blogging, I am not comfortable with content writing.

I read every day 2-3 articles of Harsh Agrawal, Brian Dean, Ryan Biddulph, Kulwant Negi, Atish Ranjan, and many famous bloggers.

Then I have started to re-wording the content of Akash Singla and Atish Ranjan’s blog (because I am in SEO for the last 5 years and am comfortable writing on SEO topics, so I choose these 2 bloggers’ content).

Then started to communicate with other fellow bloggers on social media to create and maintain the relationship and share my content with them.

Today, I am connected with so many famous bloggers of my niche. So, overall blogging needs full concentration, time, dedication, and of course passion from the heart. 

Prasad Np – (Desi Traveller)

Prasad Np

Some of my friends suggested that I should start documenting my journeys and share them with the world.

We are all the same people, irrespective of color, religion, country, etc. On the face, we may look different in color, clothes food, etc.

But all of us are connected and have the same dreams, and exactly the same desire to live a peaceful life with our friends and family.

Sanu Siddharth – (Only Loudest)

Sanu SiddharthFrankly Speaking, Whenever I started I don’t what it is exactly but I was excited because it feels like a website and started from .blogspot free platform and within a few minutes it got indexed my first post in Google so I thought yeah wow I can do something unique than my other maths because that time I was in class 9th and you know being a class 9th student it was something special for me.

So basically I am from a small town and I am addicted to tech, Gadgets so whenever I read somewhere people are earning a lot of money from Websites so my first dream was to work hard and earn to purchase a smartphone worth Rs. 10k and then when I did a lot of practicals with blogging so I made it my profession.

Being a blogger I would like to say never lose Hope because I focus mostly on the search engine and this is not possible to rank within a single night my blog post on Google’s first page without doing all simple SEO.

And another important thing is if you want to run your main blog for a long time then never try to rank it within a single night by doing black hat because a mistake can destroy your blog.

Bushra Muzaffar – (Noida Diary)

Bushra MuzaffarWhen I moved to Noida I found an information gap on the places to visit, things to do and events to attend, and other general things. This led to the creation of my blog Noida Diary.

It all started as an info repository to help myself and fellow residents of Noida to clue them in on the latest happenings in the city. Now blogging has become a passion.

I believe in keeping it it the layout, the language, or the writing. Simplicity appeals to all. Bring in quality and originality of thought will certainly give traction to your blog eventually if not immediately.

[Tweet “Blog regularly because you have got readers who have signed up for updates – Bushra”]

Blog passionately and be true to your content because your reader would desert you if you do not deliver quality content. Do not be afraid to write about a variety of stuff you may lose some of the readers but at the end of the day you will be giving out more content in one place. …but make sure it is relevant to your blog.

Listen to your readers through their comments and personal messages. Although my blog is about Noida but on popular demand and many requests I have started covering events and places in other parts of the National Capital Region of which Noida city is a part.

Muhammad Ahmad – (Meet Ahmad)

 Mohammad AhmadBlogging was my passion and I came to know about it by a stroke of luck! You can read my story here to know why I started blogging.

Learning is what you should not stop! Once you stop learning, you start your way to darkness.

I experienced that we all bloggers should keep learning instead of implementing what we have learned in the past.

In the huge blogosphere, if someone wants to dominate, he/she should keep learning and be implemented simultaneously.

Simple, learn, and implement. That’s the rule I found from my experience!

Garima Nag – (Sweet Sharing)

Garima NagI started my blog, Sweet Sharing, as a hobby. Gradually it became a passion.

I think it is one of the most innovative & personalized ways to share your thoughts.

It gives you a platform to share your opinion, creation & thoughts. You are in total control & have immense liberty.

It’s a great way to change your passion into a profession.

Blogging has come a long way. It’s an ongoing process where you get to learn something new every single day.

From my experience as a blogger, I can say it pays to be consistent & honest.

Be honest with yourself & your readers.

[Tweet “Just like any startup, blogging requires patience & passion – Garima”]You will not be a star overnight. You have to keep on delivering & learning as long as you wish to be in the business 🙂

Yamini Kharat Saha– (The Vibrant Writer)

Yamini Kharat SahaI jumped into the world of blogging without knowing what I was getting into. A decade ago, I joined my dream job and moved to Mumbai.

The hectic lifestyle took a toll on my health and I had to give up the job. I had difficulty coping up with the fact that my body was not allowing me to live my life as I wanted. I took refuge in books.

I started reading about the mind, spirituality, and health and I still read and study these topics.

I noticed a lot of improvement in myself. I first noticed a major shift in my thinking. I became more positive and optimistic. Slowly my health showed improvement and I started recording all the information that helped me turn around my life for good.

Blogging although started as an effort to share my findings in the fields of health, mind, and spirituality it became much more than that.

Blogging gave me a new identity, an identity that I completely adore. Because of blogging, I am proud to say that I have improved my own life and have helped many. The appreciation and gratitude a blogger receive cannot be compared with any other material gains.

My blog has helped me keep a record of all-natural and effective solutions to health and life problems. My blog helps me share these with the world. This makes a compulsion on me to keep my health on track. It also helped me rekindle my passion for writing which encouraged me to take up various writing assignments including my books.

I am grateful to my blog for giving me a chance to engage my time and energy in a creative and constructive project. I am grateful, as it has given me hope and a sense of belonging. I do not complain about my health issues in the past as without them I would not have turned to a healthy and better way of living. If I could change any part of my past, I would just start blogging earlier.

Don’t wait till things are perfect. Start whatever your project is and then keep building it. Do cut – redo rinse and repeat. Nothing is perfect so don’t keep delaying your project with false hopes of perfection like me.

[Tweet “I regret wasting time and not starting my projects earlier – Yamini”]

Sneha Sasikumar – (Life As a Pot Pourri)

Sneha Sasi KumarIt’s gonna be exactly a year tomorrow since I started blogging. All thanks to that long weekend when I was superbly bored and going through my old diaries which were filled with so many notes and experiences, thoughts, etc, and then suddenly it just struck me why not start a blog and leave a legacy behind me.

It’s never too late to start something for the first time and something like a blog which is a blank canvas and you could paint it however you want and whenever you want makes the whole experience of blogging extremely powerful.

It is never about the numbers!!! That’s probably the most important thing I would want to share with all those new aspiring bloggers out there. You have to own this world of yours and be the architect of the contents. You have to put your heart out there and be focused on it yet not take blogging as a burden.

Enjoy each and every post you make, and reciprocate the same way when someone visits you or leaves you comment and follow. It’s all about being open and accepting feedback and appreciation alike. Try and schedule your blog posts(i am personally trying to try this).

Having a plan keeps your blog active and regular, hence have particular columns which would always help your blog have regular postings.

Besides that, it’s all in your hands to design it. Networking through blogging is great learning. Blogging is probably one of the best decisions of my life that I am proud of.

Blogging has changed me as a person, I am now more open to listening and accepting others’ opinions and thoughts. I have become more social (not the Facebook kind, but social towards people from different walks of life)

Check out more about Blogging and the challenges.

Manidipa Bhaumik – (Wp Blogging 360)

Manidipa BhaumikBlogging was an alternate to my full-time job, as managing a small kid with elderly parents was challenging. Though I have started to blog in 2011, at that time it was just a hobby.

Since last year, I took it as a serious affair that can fuel my passion and at the same time earn me some decent money. Gradually, I have learned it as the way of working with utmost flexibility and becoming my own boss 🙂

It was not an easy path to date. I had my share of highs and lows. But I love every bit of this learning curve. In the beginning, I was only behind the quality and was always in a perfectionist mode 😉 As a result, it used to take unbelievable time to create a post (around 3 days for a single post!)

Update frequency was hampered and I was also not satisfied with my productivity. Gradually, I have learned that creating quality content is the main thing and over a period of time perfection will come naturally.

The best part about Blogging is, no one forced you to do it. It’s your business and at the end of the day, you have to answer yourself. So making actionable plans is very important. Strategize your blogging plans and work for it.

Also, patience is the key. Blogging is not about earning some quick money. [Tweet “Do not enter this field with the sole intention of making money online – Manidipa”] Rather, try to provide some value to the newbies who want to get started.

You can surely earn some money here and there, however, to make it a steady business, you need to be persistent and work really hard.

At the same time, take care of your health too, as you can excel at anything only when you are fit & healthy 🙂

Aswini Vadapalli – (My Vash)

Aswini VadapalliI just started blogging for three reasons.

  1. Love towards presenting.
  2. Catching up new innovations.
  3. Sharing knowledge with others.

Having a passion for presenting has introduced me to the world of blogging. Actually, I would love to present PPTs and all. So later in 2013, I thought of having a blog (since I was gathering info for my ppt from the web) and I just wrote a few articles for the blog. And I got used to it. It was the first step towards blogging.

Secondly, I started blogging to learn and explore new things because I am and was having an enormous interest to learn new things and grasp new innovations quickly. So I thought by blogging I can learn new things.

I simply believe one thing is learning and finding new innovations is compulsory in this world if you give up exploring new things then you will find yourself in patterns. This Interest connected me with the blogging world.

Finally, I love to share my ideas and knowledge.

Generally, most people love to share things with their friends or with the people around them. So this brought me towards blogging, where at a single platform, I will be able to share knowledge (the knowledge that I have) to the whole world.
In, blogging there are lots of learning curves, particular at the start we just think we are missed in this universe. I have faced a few problems which frustrated me.

When I bought a new domain, I purchased a new theme its newspaper 6 themes, and I designed it in my own way. Suddenly, when I updated my WordPress version to 4.5.1 then everything went wrong,

My Visual composer was compromised, and even my regular editor was not working, tried so many ways to restore it, but I can’t. I had a backup file of the updraft, but it didn’t work.

So, I tried the degraded version, in that process, I lost all posts, due to the frustration created at that moment. I started to work again blindly because I am frustrated that my work was gone, and even I asked pro bloggers about these issues, some tried and some said it couldn’t be restored, so I started working again. Actually, whenever that happens, we can take help from the hosting provider, but they may charge a bit.

Here in this whole scene, I learned the best things that are we must be patient when we are doing anything, and we must take suggestions we shouldn’t only believe those suggestions. We must take a few alternative checkups by our self to get out of that situation. And it will definitely work.

Regarding blogging, we will find many frustrations in new bloggers, I have clearly mentioned every frustration caused in bloggers in a post “Frustrating problems of bloggers and how to resolve them”. This post will give you answers to every blogging frustration.

Finally, Small tips which may work in blogging or entrepreneurship:

  • Be patient.
  • Be positive.
  • Ask suggestions.
  • But don’t believe in every suggestion cross-check the suggestions whether they will work for you or not.
  • Be kind to others.
  • Take your own time to resolve your problems.
  • Contact pro bloggers or other bloggers in a meaningful way.

These few tips will give a chance to overcome problems and to come on track for blogging without any frustrations.

Satish Kumar Ithamsetty – (Blogging Den)

Satish Kumar IthamsettyI worked as a lecturer for 10 years which held me nowhere. I was very good with the students but very bad at the politics played by the colleagues, though I am not a bothering person. I would not digest all of these sometimes. This led to a look at job satisfaction.

Basically, I am a Biochemistry teacher. I had the interest to prepare notes and promote them online, for every student’s reach. [Tweet “One fine morning a catchy add in classifieds “Earn by the blog” turned my lifestyle”].

Now I read and followed many blogs and got motivated with no technical support.

I started one blog on my specialized subject Biochemistry, which is my first blog ever in 2008 and it was penalized and removed by Google after a few years.

After that started self-hosted WordPress for my permanent journey. This was how and why I got into blogging.

As I said earlier, I had no knowledge or technical support for blogging. So mistakes were quite common, which turned out to be experienced. I started out with too many blogs, too much burden, which resulted in getting penalized by Google.

I read the terms and conditions of blogging and monetization methods (Eg: Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing). I started up with a single niche and turned stable with one standard blog ( and 8 Micro-niche blogs.

Maniparna Sengupta Majumder  – (Maniparna)

Maniparna Sengupta MajumderI have a penchant for writing from my childhood. I used to keep diaries during my growing years.

My creative side has found a manifestation through blogging.

I started blogging to pen down the tapestry of thoughts and forms conceived in my mind.

I learn each day. It’s a never-ending process for me. I believe that learning something new becomes easier when you have a reason behind it and when you are in love with the process.

And, the more you learn, you understand that you know nothing!

[Tweet “Blogging has helped me to garner knowledge simply by reading other blogs – Maniparna”]

Santanu Debnath – (Blogging Gyaan)

Santanu DebnathFrankly speaking, I came to know about blogging while looking for some online to make money opportunities. At that time I came across Mohammad of MBT and started following him to learn how to start a blog on the BlogSpot platform and make money from that. Gradually things were changing within me and I started getting huge interest in this new world of blogging.

After 2 years of starting my first blog on the Blogspot platform, I have migrated to WordPress and then onwards I have come across many advanced ways of making money through a blog. Later on, I have started sharing my own experiences and at the same time promoting affiliate products to earn passive income besides my regular 9 to 6 job.

Learning is the key to getting success in blogging. And one can learn from his/her own failures only. In a similar way, I have tried many ways and many people’s tips to make a successful blog. But most of them failed as I did not realize why they were suggesting this.

Gradually I realized that even if the path to making a successful blog is the same, but the approach is definitely different for every person. [Tweet “You have to learn everything and then find out your own way to make things work in your case.”] In simple words, if I want to conclude how to make a successful blog that will be

  1. Choose a topic which you think you can become a master.
  2. Write articles on your own without hiring any writer at least in the initial years to become a master in writing.
  3. Learn technical stuff like how to install WordPress, manage essential settings, configure basic theme settings, etc.
  4. Learn the advanced topic of On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and follow awesome blogs like Backlinko, SearchEngineJournal, etc. to stay updated.
  5. Do regular meditation to stay patient & keep trying methodology as blogging will kill your huge time before it actually starts working for you.
  6. In case you need motivation, read income reports & blogger’s interviews to know how they are getting success in blogging, making money, etc.
  7. Just make a routine and keep repeating the same every day. Make sure you don’t compromise your health part here for the sake of blogging. You have to stay fit to handle the success of your blogging when it will actually click 🙂


Preet Sandhu – (Before Buy Reviews)

Preet SandhuTo be honest I was flabbergasted to see my friends growing in this field that actually attracted me to this industry. Seeing the potential of this industry I was impressed and I decided to try my hands out here. So, I started blogging in 2011 mid when one of my good friends motivated me to step into the field.

Being in the field for the past 4 years every day taught me something. 🙂 But, one such experience that I want to share especially for newbie’s is that don’t listen to losers as there are thousands of folks entering the industry every day and trying out hands in blogging.

But, everyone doesn’t experience success and then quits due to their losing attitude.

Be a fighter in your field. Don’t make hype of blogging because actually, it’s a mind game. Be a leader and create leaders and THINK that YOU ARE BORN TO RULE.

With this attitude go ahead, work on quality content and quality backlinks and BIG THING, [Tweet “”Learn To Play With Keywords”, Surely you will get success. 🙂 – Preet”]

Dipanwita Chakraborty – (Tales From The Rainbow)

Dipanwita ChakrabortyIt always felt right when I used to write my feelings on paper. As a kid, I was shy and was often bullied in school and thus, grew up to become an extremely introverted person.

Being unable to share my feelings with anyone, I started writing them down in a journal. That’s how I started giving words to my emotions. What started as a routine of talking to my journal, ended up becoming my passion and that’s when I started blogging. I thought blogging was the best way I could connect with similar souls with a similar passion.

When I first started blogging, I did not have an iota of the idea of how immensely vast the world of bloggers was. I started following and reading other blogs and learned the various nuances and the beauty of writing. Came across many versatile writers.

I never knew and had never heard an expression called “Haiku” but when I started reading them, I fell in love with them.

I couldn’t learn to write a haiku by myself, though. I also got exposed to various platforms to submit my poems and writings.

Blogging helped me meet many good writers and bloggers all over India.

The most important thing that blogging has taught me is “Learning is a never-ending process and it can only make you better than what you might have been the previous day“.

Jasmeet Kukreja – (Girl Who Writes)

Jasmeet KukrejaTo rewrite my diary stuff into a blog and also I needed a space where I can connect more with readers and other bloggers.

Blogging was not easy in the beginning because when you see yourself tied up with a private job like 9-6 then you hardly get a free moment to pen down at the same time when thoughts are crawling.

I learned to manage the time, I learned how to be with your blog with all your daily stuff, I learned to connect with more people, and most importantly it taught me to be who I am and what I want from life.

When you write a blog I believe it to be the honest commitment with your post because many are going to read it, criticize it and we should take it as a motivation rather than becoming ignorant.

[Tweet “Blogging helped me to come out from my comfort zone and try everything I never thought of doing it.”]

It tells me to learn everything new from fellow bloggers and blogging is probably the only thing now I am into more and more…

Monish Chandan – (Monish Chandan)

Monish ChandanBlogging happened just by chance, I never thought I would be a blogger now just to share my thoughts and freedom to express myself in what I do.

It’s a great feeling and it has been a learning curve knowing so many bloggers with a passion for writing and how creatively they engage with their followers.


Kashish Mahtani – (Mehkashi)

Kashish MahtaniI’ve always had a penchant for writing poems and creative articles.

The combination of being a voracious reader and writer by hobby led me to take up blogging.

It was all for the love of sharing my world with others and partaking in what they had to say!

Always cross-promote your content on social media or you won’t get the traction you deserve!

I started noticing a marked difference in the traffic my blog receive once I started sharing my work on Twitter, Facebook, and sometimes Instagram (when relevant) too! 

Yvonne I. Wilson – (Empowerment Moments Blog)

 Yvonne I. WilsonI started blogging back in 2012 right around the time that I hit a very low point in my personal life. It was an extremely tough situation that I was going through that made me feel defeated and shrunk back by fear.

Not only did I need encouragement in my life to pull me back up from that depth of sadness and despair, but I also needed an outlet where I could voice what my heart was saying and my body was experiencing.

So blogging for me is a way of bringing hope, inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to myself and others on the real issues and challenges that we face in everyday life while providing practical and helpful solutions of how they too can overcome.

Blogging is hard work and from my experiences, over the years many lessons have been learned.

1. You have to be blogging for the right reasons and your heart and soul must be in it, if not you can end up failing
2. Thinking that success will come overnight or in a few months of blogging is a recipe for disaster.
3. Make your primary focus be on quality, building relationships with your readers and other bloggers especially in your niche rather than focusing so much on the numbers (stats)
[Tweet “Develop your own style and what works best for you and stick with it – Yvonne“]

Sanjay Thampy – (Yes Teet Thats Me)

Sanjay ThampyI started blogging as I found this medium as the best way to express my thoughts and views to people.

It all started off for me just with the intention of keeping a written record of all the thoughts that I express in my mind so that I myself can go back in time and read them.

While I started writing, I realized that it was indeed a pleasure to share my views with others.

While I commenced and continued my journey into the blogging world in these last one and a half years, I realized that it was the passion to write which was driving me ahead and not any other motivations, be it money, the traffic, or the page views.

The most important thing that I have learnt from my blogging experience is that it has immensely built up my confidence and helped me learn newer things every single day.

Blogging has taught me not just to think more clearly but let me be candid to admit that blogging has taught me to write better.

Blogging has challenged me to stretch my limits to extents which I had never imagined I could spread my wings and made me understand that I have a voice that can certainly influence public policies and aid good causes through my words.

Srividhya Manikandan – (Vidhyas Home Cooking)

Srividhya ManikandanBasically, I started the blog to record my momma recipes.

My mom visited us in 2009 and I was asking her to write down the recipes for all chutneys and thuvaiyals.

Then thought why not add them as blog entry so here I am blogging from 2009 🙂

The blogging journey is quite a roller coaster ride.

Always be ready to accept both positive and negative critiques and be willing to learn new things.

Felicia Nazareth – (Flawsome Felicia)

Felicia NazarethBlogging was a happy accident. One fine day I was just checking my google account and the different apps provided by Google and I ended up creating a blog.

So I just started posting random things on my blog. It’s only months later I realized what blogging actually is. I created two new blogs, one where I shared my love for weddings.

I loved the responses I received and hence decided to make something of my blogs.

Today, I am on my journey to try and hit new heights with my blogs.

Firstly, the appearance and ease of navigation matter. I had a messy blog and received low traffic.

Some pro bloggers suggested that I change the layout of my blog and when I did so the traffic on my blog improved.

Similarly, uniqueness in every way is also important. Lastly, connections.

Bloggers need to make connections with various other bloggers and brands and platforms in order to survive.

Believe me, rather than pushing you down, bloggers even with the same niche as yours help you a lot.

[Tweet “I have not seen envy among bloggers I have interacted with – Felicia Nazareth”]

Shoma Abhyankar – (Astonishing India)

Shoma AbhyankarI heard about blogging in 2011 and started to explore. It began with writing my poetry, memories, and a desire to tell people what a beautiful country India was.

It took me a long time to understand the tips and tricks of the blogging world.

Blogging works on reciprocation besides good content.

The more you visit others’ blogs and show appreciation, leave comments the more visibility to your own blog.

I also learned quite late that besides information the travel writing is more about sharing experiences and stories of travel.

Sheetal Gyanprakash Maurya – (Halo Of Books)

Sheetal Gyanprakash MauryaI am on the blogosphere since my college days. My first post was published in the year 2012. I started blogging on the free platform just to share my opinion on the current issues, things which I have observed.

As I am an avid reader, so I started a dedicated blog for book reviews in the year 2015. Slowly I started getting a good response from the authors, publishers, and readers so I thought to develop a hosted website.

Thus my blog Halo of Books – Book reviews born. [Tweet “My love towards sharing knowledge, opinion, and views led me to start blogging.”]

Creating a hosted website or blog is not much hard as it appears. You just need a little bit of research and dedication. Blog publicity is a must for new bloggers.

You need to work hard to attract readers. You have to be active on social media. Learn basic image editing, coding and always write original and fresh content.

Nava K – (Nava-K)

Nava Krishnan

Mainly, as a hobby.

In the blogging world I realize there is no right and wrong, so, there is no one right formula. Precisely, it is about your learning curve, and of course, we sure learn from other fellow bloggers. End of the day, we pick up the valuable tips from our experiences, and the learning curve does not stop.

Initially, when I started blogging, honestly, I knew the head was neither the tail of it. I did, I admit, after reading a couple of blogs, I tried to immaculate their writing style.

But along the way, I realize, I need my identity, never mind, if I made mistakes, never mind I couldn’t write well, and never mind I was bombarded with some nasty ugly comments on my blog. Embarrassing especially when unknown people insulted me with dirty evil words which wreck my heart off.

These comments if I look back now, I realize they were the motivation for me to write better and here I am. I have also learned plenty of lessons from blogging. I realize the blogging world is very competitive, no doubt I have met some great virtual bloggers, on the other hand, those I have met personally in person over in Malaysia are not all that honest and sincere about
building friendship and helping each other.

Well, again said, I realize each blogger looks at another as a competitor. Thus, it can be a lonely journey being a blogger. Moreover, the hours day in and day out in front of my laptop didn’t go down well with my health. I guess I was pushing myself too much until my head was always banging and buzzing and the excruciating pain from my neck right to my shoulders and hands I thought is going to lead to stroke.

Eventually, I figure out – it is always working on the laptop and staring at the screen. So, I have learned to slow down because health is wealth, and if I am down with writer’s block, I will not force myself. I rather do other things to rest and relax, after a few days, I am up and about for blogging again.

Nevertheless, I am happy I took up blogging. Maybe not to be a world sensation blogger, but because it has been a big learning curve, it still is, I am so happy I take better pictures, I write better and I know there’s lots more to learn. So, bloggers – take the break from blogging when you can’t handle it, but don’t give up, be passionate about your own precious space.

Sathish Arumugam – (Traffic Crow)

Satish ArmugamTo say truly, blogging is my great passion, so I fixed this as my profession.

There is a lot of reasons to start my blog, so I’ll share some of them.
I entered this field at the age of 16. So at the initial stage, I started a web design training course.

To enhance my knowledge I use to learn more and more blogs for my references. On that, I came to know about SEO, so I started to learn SEO after that I felt that SEO is like an ocean, and there is more and more to learn. A person cannot store everything in his mastermind, so I start to bookmark some of the blogs for easy reference. In that case, I thought to start my own blog.

And then I came to know that there is a real revenue on this blogging. So I finally started my blogging process.

1. I learned a lot of things. Now my experience is that I have started SEO which brings organic results in Google and uses slow backlinks for attaining the No. 1 position.

2. It took many years to obtain the best keyword, so I struggled a lot. But finally, I got good experience in keyword searching. This effort helps me to get broad knowledge to find the best keywords on both micro-niche and niche blogs.

3. Now finally, I can write entire content which focuses on USA native content.

Adarsh M – (odnevn)

Adarsh M

I started blogging when situations made me struggle hard.

I was so much disappointed with my life, and that made me start my blog on September 1st of 2016.

To make your blog the best one, make sure it’s your passion, not your job that you are forced into.

If you consider blogging as a method to make money, then don’t do it.

Because you will be disappointed. But if it’s your passion, remember you will taste success in the coming days.

Divyang Patel – (Techy Info)

Divyang Patel

I am such a big fan of blogging, with this job learn new things every day and share knowledge.

I am not a professional writer but I love what I do, and I love doing it. I have also started Blogging for making money too.

With 2 years’ experience, I would like to share something about the latest tech news, Tips, and How To’s For Your Blogging Life, Smartphone & Computer.

 Namrata Ganguly – (Envelope The World)

Namratha GangulyAs a child, I was always interested in the world of fashion which I thought would be over as I grow up but fortunately or unfortunately the desire remained with me.

Though I ended up doing pharmaceutical engineering just so my passion for fashion doesn’t die I started blogging about it, and that’s how I landed up being a fashion blogger.

First and foremost the lesson that I learned in a much bitter way is nothing comes easy.

Every industry is equally robust and especially blogging cause it needs much more than we think it does.

Be focused and be very regular on your blog.

Always try to come up with something new for the readers and last but not least know your niche.

 Swathi Bhat – (Curious and Confused Me)

Swathi BhatOut of passion. I love makeup, beauty. I love when I find something affordable which excels in quality and which can be easily acquired. I want to share such discoveries, so the blog was perfect.

I am aware that there is a whole lot of people out there with the influencer tag.

[Tweet “It might frustrate you but in reality what matters is readers – Swathi Bhat”]. Concentrate on giving good reads and have patience.

 Shraddha Singh – (Junk Sin)

Shraddha SinghBlogging is a world of lovers of experiences, sharing, and exploring.

The list of my experiences with blogging is endless.

But I would list a few memorable moments like my first top post on IB, my first compliment mail, all my blogging connections, and friends.

  Indrani Ghose – (I Share These)

Indrani GhoseTo keep a log of my travel experiences… purely as a passion.

[Tweet “Blog regularly to keep it alive! – Indrani Ghose”]

Dr.Amrita Basu – (Health Wealth Bridge)

Dr.Amrita MishraTo spread awareness about health wellness, lifestyle designing, and my journey as a mompreneur.

[Tweet “How blogging is not only self-expression but a way of improving your health”]


Saswati Bhoi – (Explore It My Way)

Saswati Bhoi

As an avid traveler, I always wanted to share my views, thoughts, and experiences with others who are in search of any information on new destinations or insider stories of destinations worth visiting.

I started writing and posting on social media which eventually made its way to my blog ‘Explore It My Way.’

After one year of getting into blogging, I’ve realized that the only thing which lasts and has an impression on the reader’s mind is presenting the truth in your style.

Be what you are and believe what you have to say. ‘Explore It My Way’ is nothing but just all the true stories of my travels, experience, and thoughts.

Janani Krishnakumaar – (Red Chill Curry)

Janani KrishnakumaarTo share my happiness in the kitchen with everyone.

[Tweet “Blogging should be a passion, not money-making place – Janani”]It needs lots of handwork and dedication. Enjoy the food and enjoy writing the post.


Bilna Sandeep – (Bilna Sandeep)


I have been blogging for a time past during my college days back in 2010. But that blog was long lost when I got busy with my career.

However, when my boy was almost 1-year-old, I decided to quit my job, and I wanted to spend lots of time with my kid making every moment, our cherished memories.

However, inside me I knew, I couldn’t keep my mind idle. I wanted an outlet for thoughts and creativity for myself. And that is how I actually started my blog.

[Tweet “Blogging and Social Media are ever-changing. Therefore you need to learn every day.”]

In the beginning, it may be tough. I kept reading lots of other blogs that shared all the technical information related to blogging as well as social media. Networking with other bloggers is another important part of learning.

There are a lot of things out there you could learn from other veteran bloggers who are happy to help. I have a list of the Best Blogging Resources and tools on my blog for newbie bloggers. –> Blogging Tips & Tricks

Sadhvi Mythili. S – (Beauty Brain Bliss)

Sadhvi MythiliFirst of all happy anniversary… I consider this as one of the most difficult questions to answer. Well, I have thoughts, I have things to tell, I have experiences to share and I have tips to help people. I am a person with contrasting interests.

I have the same zeal for psychiatry (which is my profession), dance, travel, and beauty. Numerous friends call me immediately for skin problems, vision issues, and who contact me before planning a trip.

Before marriage, they ask me for beauty tips and makeup after marriage about honeymoon planning. This had been going on for a few years when I thought it would be easier for me if I have a platform to put things together and share. That was the basic idea before starting it.

It is more than a year of blogging which is still very hard for me to believe. I am still juggling many things. 78 hr/ week hospital duties, a bunch of research projects, seminars, exams, and competitions along with running a blog with no help from anyone.

I really can not say whether I did learn from my mistakes. [Tweet “I am trying to learn more discipline, planning, organizing and a whole lot of other things.”]But I can say blogging has given me a special reputation in the peer group and some awesome friends who are very supportive.

Sunil Singh – (Blogging An Art)

Sunil SinghWhen I started blogging, I never knew It would be so lucrative moving forward. I just wanted to share my knowledge what I had gained over the year through this blog.

When you learn something from a community by utilizing resources, you must give something back to the community so that more people could be benefited.

This is somewhat similar to CSR activity in the corporate world where you run a business in the society and utilize resources such as the environment, people, etc. and you must give something back to society through CSR activities.

I’ve seen people get fascinated about what blogging could give them regarding financial rewards as good fame, but when they come to know the journey of a blogger during the initial days, they find it laborious.

One must blog about the topic he/she is passionate about not on the topic your friends is blogging about just because he is making money.

You need to understand what you are good at, what topic you have great knowledge about because moving forward, you’ll have to write lots of content for your blog and I’ve seen most of the bloggers give up with 3 months of starting their blog.

Alpana Deo – (Mothers Gurukul)

Alpana DeoInitially, writing was just a hobby to me but now it has changed into my passion. It was like a small bud that has now bloomed into a flower. Blogging has given me a platform to express my thoughts. Starting from my own platform, I stepped into freelance writing.

[Tweet “Whenever I am able to connect to my readers, I feel that I am moving towards my goal.”]Every day, I am living my dream through my website. Every day, I set targets and challenge myself. Overall it’s an amazing feeling to know as Mothers’s Gurukul Mom.

During my blogging journey, I unfolded new concepts, explored new areas, and learned tips & techniques of the blogging world. This world is so vast that there is always something new to explore. Sometimes it gets overwhelming but I know there is a lot more to learn.

The three essential things that keep motivating me are the 3Ps-Patience, Persistence, and Positive Attitude. Success is not something that one can achieve overnight. If I want to be recognized for my work then I have to have patience and work hard and not let anything come in my way that can affect my enthusiasm.

I will not say that I have achieved everything I aimed for. But today, I can definitely say that I can see myself growing every day. And I am satisfied with doing something I am passionate about.

Sudhaa Gopinath – (Shades Of Dusky Woman)

Sudhaa GopinathI was frustrated when I couldn’t find out the relevant post on makeup for dark skin.

So started blogging on this topic.

Persistence pay.

Blogging regularly does make a difference.

Tina Acharya – (Tina Acharya)

Tina AcharyaWell, it was purely a coincidence. I had never thought of writing before, let alone blogging which was an alien thing to me two years back. I landed on a spiritual-free blogging site and tried to give words to my thoughts.

They were appreciated by the learned and intellectual readers. Thereafter Friends and well-wishers suggested me to start blogging. One fine day, I found myself in the blogging world :). It’s just like that. 🙂

Blogging is a wonderful thing I must say. It has helped me to relieve my thoughts, interact with fantastic bloggers and writers, and change my outlook on the world.

I have become more informed about all aspects of life and it has boosted my intellect. It has been a great stress booster and helped me beat my procrastination habit.

My journey so far in this intellectual world has been awesome.

Life is what you want to Explore “The Unknown”…this is what I learned from blogging.

Alok Das – (Gadjet Geek)

 Alok Das

Blogging is one way I can earn money from any part of the world.

Be patient for the best fruit to come of the work.

Don’t be hurry.

Manmohan Singh – (Youth Times)

Manmohan Singh

I’m in Blogging For Passion & Now Blogging builds My confidence.

Never Depend on Single Source (Blog).


Nidhi Dorairaj Bruce – (Nidhi Bruce)

Nidhi D BruceI love to write.

A blog is a platform from where one can project their thoughts, opinions, and standpoints.

Most of what you say on your website or blog will be taken at face value.

So, choose your words wisely. You want to create an image that lasts and that is consistent.  

Sumesh Dhar – (Infinite Tech Info)

Sumesh DharI love sharing the stuff that I know and also helping people to buy the perfect and best gadgets. In 2013 I started from Blogspot and then in 2014 moved to WordPress and bought my first domain and now I have around 6 running blogs.

The main reason for starting blogging was actual to keep me updated always with the day-to-day technology.

Time management was a stone for me being a technical disciple and hostler but through blogging, I had learned time management.

Secondly, I am having a good reputation from my blog in my whole circle and lastly but not least I had also started earning a good amount of money through my hard work and now being a student I can now take care of my all expenses from food to fees.

So through blogging, I had erudite:
1. Time management
2. Reputation
3. Leadership
4. Self Independent
5. Garner Process
“Achievement seems to be connected with action. Successful men and women keep moving. They make mistakes but they don’t quit.”  #KeepHustling

Akshayaa Selvaraj – (Being Awesome By Yourself)

Akshayaa SelvarajBlogging became my platform to focus on my inner world. Delivering Inspiration and positivity to millions of people, Sharing the experiences and creativity out to the world! It started creating happy hearts<3 which was the motivating drive behind my blog.

Initially, I was ridiculed by many for starting up a blog expressing life experiences, internet analyzing quotes through my art.

It was like writing to myself! There came a point where my blog was selected as a winner, got applauded by many people! It taught me to never give up on what I love to do! This was the baby step for what I am today:)

Harshil Barot– (Just Web World)

Harshil BarotI am a Computer Geek, Blogger, Internet Entrepreneur, Day Dreamer, Business Guy, Fitness Freak, and Music Lover. I started my blogging journey in 2012, and I did not even know that what I was doing is called blogging.

When I was in my college first year, even I didn’t know how to use the internet. At that time my friend told me that we could send a free SMS to anyone by using the internet via way2sms and then he taught me how to use everything.

I want to do something so everyone can use it. Then I searched on the internet how to create a free website then I found some websites like,, and

Then I started sharing the software cracks and free internet tricks like stuff. I was getting 5k visits on my blog. I felt very happy when I was seeing blog visitors. Then I realized that software cracks and free tricks were illegal things so I deleted that blog.

In my college second year, I started JustWebWorld.Com with a free platform.

The main motto of JustWebWorld is to help and educate people every day’s online and offline topics. After sometimes I migrate my blog to WordPress.

When I was doing my job as SEO, they were paying me a 7k salary per month only. So, I left my job last year and now I am doing full-time blogging.

I learned many experiences from blogging and still learning.

We should know and follow our passion, other things will come automatically. You should never stop doing what you love and what makes you happy, no matter what.

When you start writing something, you always learn something. So blogging will teach you something every day.

Blogging is not getting rich quick scheme. If you waste 5 years getting a good job then you should learn how to blog first then you will earn a good amount from blogging for sure.

Always Remember Patience is the key to success (In blogging only :P). Give your best, forget the rest, and don’t give up.

At last All the best for your success. 🙂

Pritam Datta – (SEO Industry)

Pritam DattaI started blogging because I found uniqueness in my Blogging career & also the main thing is after coming to blogging life, I fell in Love with Blogging.

The learning experience is awesome in my blogging career. I started blogging 1.5 years ago when I was fully unknown about blogging. As I mentioned I fell in love with blogging so I started reading many blogs & started to build a blog network on my social network site.

Soon, I understood the basics of blogging like- how to start a blog, OnPage & Off-page SEO, Link Building, social marketing, etc. I can say in blogging life too much reading actually helps you to gain lots of knowledge & that knowledge will help you to take big decisions in future.

Shubha Das – (ITDS Hub)

Subha DasI have started blogging as my passion, love, attraction. I am addicted to blogging, also love developing WordPress themes, Template designing, SEO optimisation, video editing, etc.

I have been starting a blog to share knowledge that I know, What I learned through the internet.

I was starting blogging in the year 2011 on Blogspot. I am just creating a blog to make a decent amount of money showing ads on my site. Actually, I don’t have any idea about blogging.

Once upon a time, I have purchased a CD from a site for RS. 500. There were some videos on CD about blogging, making money online. After learning, I was creating a blog which name is SomeSimpleTips. SomeSimpleTips is no longer available. I have deleted it! Also, I failed!

In the year of 2015, I have started to learn about blogging, WordPress, SEO. After learning the basics, I have created a blog which is named ITDS HUB. I have not too much knowledge and experience. But I am always trying to improve my skill.

After starting my blogging journey I have learned a lot of things. I have learned about how to start a blog, SEO, Blogging, Email Marketing, Writing, WordPress Installation & premium theme customization.

One thing I want to share that is I am a Bengali medium student. I am not a good speaker and writer. But I must say after starting my journey of blogging, I have been improving my writing skills day by day by publishing blog posts on my blog and reading articles.

I am a fan of Harsh Agarwal who blogs at ShoutMeLoud. 50% of my blogging knowledge I have learned from ShoutMeLoud. Also, I am following Amit Agarwal, Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Zac johnson, Darren Rowse, Ankit Singla.

 Ravinder Dande – (Blog Ail)

Ravinder DandeSince the day I came to know about blogging in January 2014, I just knew one thing that blogging is all about sharing our knowledge through a platform like Blogger and word press.

Even I set up my first blog on blog spot in April 2014 but didn’t continue due to Internet issues. After spending months searching about blogging and SEO I stepped into blogging completely in the year 2015.

It took me a year to start blogging just because I was looking for a reason to give it a start and suddenly I found a reason that is the ” Habit ” of asking so many questions. I felt that If I create a blog then I can share my views on the topic I’m interested in with the people on the web and I also will get more questions from readers.

When I decided to start my blogging journey I still had a few questions about which niche should I start with or I’m interested in. So I went through many niches but didn’t get any niche so started with the least interesting topic and then reached Blogail where I started sharing hurdles I faced in the beginning.

Before starting blogging I was done with my exam so looking for something to do and found something that is making Facebook with huge likes. After a few months, I got bored with the same and searched for exam results on Google. I looked at the exam blog and moved to search about the blog then I stumble upon shoutmeloud.

From that day I started learning blogging and SEO but was not giving it start then one day my friend came to my place and while talking to me he said that If you want to do anything then do it or leave it.

That Day I just bought a domain and started on blogger in June 2015. On the very first day, I learned how to start a blog on blogger. Since then I kept learning new things about blogging every day with experiments.

Again I felt that it’s(blog spot) boring because of templates then moved to WordPress and started Event blog in September 2015 that was my second blog with which I earned my first Dollar.

With each passing day, I was/am learning more things and one day I found that I’m writing in my own words which I used to think that I can’t write more than 250 words myself.

[Tweet “Blogging boosted my writing proficiency as well as creativity – Ravinder”]

Russell Lobo – (Russ Lobo)

Russell LoboI wanted to earn passive income and have a location-independent lifestyle.

I was paying 1,500 pounds in rent in London and knew that I would have a much better life in the tropics.

You need to be patient and don’t lose hope.

Catch one avenue of making money online and stick to it.

Don’t succumb to the “shiny object syndrome”.

Rajeesh Nair – (Pick Digest)

Rajeesh Nair

I have started blogging in 2012.

In terms of learning, blogging taught me a lot. First and foremost, it helped me find ample resources from all over the web about varying topics and subjects.

Secondly, it taught me ways to monetize the blog and earn a good amount of money online. It taught me persistence, patience, and being humble with one another in this large community that’s growing as I am writing this answer.

There are so many learning experiences and it will be tough to share them all. Still, I would like to share an experience about learning from blogging even before I knew about this concept.

Well, I was employed as an SEO Trainee at one of the startup firms in the city, but I was pushed into data entry work more often than the real SEO work.

I was always a curious person and can’t possibly do anything just for the sake of it. So, I spent time researching SEO deeply by surfing various SEO blogs highly popular in those days. SEJ, SEL, and Search Engine Guide were some of the top picks.

I also stumbled upon QuickSprout and then some big affiliate bloggers such as John Chow, Zac Johnson, Patt Flynn, and others.

This is how I came to know about blogging and the whole concept of making money online through blogging. The essence of this simple tool is that I learn something new almost every single day and that’s what keeps me going…

One of the biggest lessons I learn and share with others is that don’t consider blogging as mere make money online tool, but use it as a media to learn, share, and network. The money will flow on its own if you are smart enough.

 Anuradha Chawla – (

Anuradha ChawlaI started my engineering without any specified aim in life, and things went on pretty well. And I got placed in one of the hosting companies. Working there for around three-plus years. I decided to take a new start. And I applied to Reseller Club – one of the hosting industry leaders.

It eventually turned into my dream in life. But certainly, Life is not that easy and simple. I could not succeed in the test and got completely shattered.

During my job time, I happened to witness one blogging event GetSetBlog organized by GetSetLive. There I met popular bloggers Kulwant, Jitendra. There, I learned about blogging in a strange way… And just started without a single vision about the future.

But you see today, Blogging has not only found in me a writer but also has made me a worthy human being.. Who works for his own self. I went on writing and writing.

It was not at all blooming and bright. I really had the toughest times and pessimistic situations even still facing. Just like you have in your new business. But Danish Wadhwa really helped me in overcoming my fear. And little appraisals started boosting me up. I never knew that… I would someday suggest a person technically. But…It’s life; That does not go on your expectations. It has its own way.

I actually cannot lay down into words. What blogging has shaped me into? It has made a new being of mine from head to toe. My attitude towards life, my behavior, my habits, Everything, has been affected in a great way. All I can say is… It has given me an aim. A destiny to live and pursue life. I also learned some valuable lessons in my blogging career.

Even I have summarized my seven months of blogging journey mistakes in an article. ( Positively, now you can avoid the mistakes I made when I first started blogging.

Anindya Sundar Basu – (Pikture

Anindya Sundar BasuI used to post my travel pictures on Facebook but soon realised that Facebook posts can never be shown as a body of work neither I can tell my stories around it.

Hence I started a blog. The blog Pikturenama started as a travel and photography blog but as both, my wife and I are food lovers we started putting up simple home-cooked recipes for the blog.

That changed everything as people started liking it and soon what we started as a trial became the main focus of the blog.

TOI Kolkata had carried out an article on us as one of the few good bloggers from Kolkata –

Link –

In this short span we have covered almost all the leading Hotels and restaurants in Kolkata and nationally like – The Lalit Great Eastern, Ffort raichak ,Sonar Tori ,Afraa lounge, Casa Kitchen Kolkata, Taj Bengal, Spaghetti Kitchen, Park Plaza , ITC Sonar Kolkata, Novotel, Smoke House Deli, Serafina and many more

We have also been associated with brands like Assam 1860 , Kissan , sweethandi , GITS, Turtle fashion brand. Goodricke tea etc.

Pikturenama has been associated with a special preview of the recently launched Tata Motors Hatchback – Tiago where only 60 bloggers across the country were selected to be a part of the event in Goa –

As an official blogger of Tata Steel Literary Meet 2016, we have been part of the book launch of Kolkata by Kunal Basu, Ronojoy sen, and his book Nation at Play as well as sessions by Devdutt Pattnaik and Amish.

Social Samosa has ranked pikturenama as one of the Top Indian food blogs you need to know about –

I have recently got published as a part of the cover story in Go Getter the in-flight magazine of Go Air for my write-up on Srinagar as well as the pictures.

Pikturenama was selected by Britannia Good Day chunkies for a personal up-close coverage of Masterchef Australia judges in Bangalore

You may also like to go through some of our fav travel stories also in our blog –

The windmills of Mykonos –

Zurich Diaries and the LGBT parade –

World peace pagoda Pokhra –

Pikturenama has been ranked as one of the Top 100 Travel Blogs of the country and amongst the Top 15 photobloggers of the country 

We are a regular trend article contributor and a part of the content team from East for ( the food portal headed by Mr. Vir Sanghvi).

The experiences have been many in these 2 years of blogging. We have come across some of the best of the minds in blogging across the country and enjoyed every moment of that. Blogging thrives on 2 C’s as I say – Content and Consistency.

Be genuine to your reader as they come to read your experiences which are always different from any other person and that’s the reason even if everyone has written a particular recipe or travelog on a particular place still your Point of view will be always different.

It does not matter how you write or what your readers will feel when they read you -everyone starts somewhere and slowly with time and dedication they develop the craft. The more you wrote the better you will get.

Revisit your writings from time to time to see what changes can be done. Enjoy this universe where every blog has its own space and yours too. 

Dipti Tiwari – (Gorgeously Flawed)

Dipti TiwariI had a lot of free time since I was studying from home, that’s when I started blogging. It eventually became my most favourite hobby! Now, nothing excites me more than writing posts for my readers, interacting with my awesome co-bloggers, and learning new things about blogging!

Initially, I had ZERO clue about blogging. I made many mistakes during my first few months of blogging – like not writing good quality content, not giving proper credits for images/content taken from other websites (which can get your blog banned!), having no knowledge about SEO, etc.

I have been blogging since 2011, but I deleted most of my initial posts because they had many mistakes and started all over again in 2013-2014.

I even wrote a blog post about blogging-related mistakes that one should never make.

I have slowly figured out everything on my own. Blogs like ShoutMeLoud, BloggerTipsTricks, and QuickSprout were also of great help! I still read them regularly to learn about new things.

My advice to newbie bloggers is to keep blogging. Write in the language you are comfortable with. Don’t worry about your grammar mistakes, your daily page views, or your social media following, just keep on blogging and everything will fall into place by itself.

“We are human and we make mistakes, but learning from them is what makes the difference”.

TLDR; Do everything, just don’t mess with Google and its policies! 😛 

Pooja Kshirsagar – (What’s In Buzz)

Pooja KshirsagarI love writing. After my graduation in Journalism, I took up a job as a Content Writer. I never really knew anything about blogging since then. At my first job, I learned a lot about blogging and digital marketing. I used to write blog posts for my organization’s website.

That’s when my colleagues motivated me to start a blog of my own. They said it is always a good idea for a Content Writer to have a blog of their own since it adds credibility. I completely agreed. And then, began my blogging journey. My first blog was where I used to write about life experiences, current affairs, and my opinion on the happenings in the world.

After I learned more about blogging and commercial blogging, in particular, I started a new blog This is an entertainment and motivational blog where I put up articles related to travel, gossip, Bollywood, life, humor, and inspiring stories of people.

When I started my first blog, I was completely clueless about blogging. I did a considerable amount of research to know what blogs actually are and how they are maintained, what kind of articles are put up, etc. I realized it was a great medium for me to express myself and thus I enjoyed writing what went on in my mind. I really hadn’t expected the blog would be read by people at all except my good friends and family.

But, to my surprise, I started getting views from all over the world and people on social media sites started messaging me that they followed my blog daily and that they loved my writing.

That’s when I learned my first lesson, that of self-confidence. After I amassed good knowledge about blogging and making money from blogging, I recently purchased a domain for my new blog and started This blog is at its initial stage and is progressing slowly.

But, I have learned the lesson of self-confidence and also of believing in myself. I know things are difficult in the beginning but they will surely yield results in the future. Hoping for a bright future in blogging.

Vladimir Gendelman — (Company Folders) – (PrintWand)How to Start a blog

I started a blog to help graphic designers do their jobs better and help establish myself as a thought leader within my industry. The biggest learning experience we got from blogging was that you can’t count on people naturally sharing it. You have to actively promote each post to ensure its success.

In addition, it’s important to continue to improve your content if you want to stay relevant. Your next post must be better than the last.

To do this, keep your tone authentic and honest. Don’t use jargon. Instead, use language everyone can understand, and keep it simple. Use images to break up the text and highlight key points.

It’s especially important to proofread everything. That includes infographics, photo captions, and all text. Poor grammar and spelling mistakes look sloppy and hurt your credibility with your audience.

Wrapping up:

I hope this article will be like a ready reference book (almost 17k words) for any blogger who is in search of how to start a blog, where to start a blog, what to blog or not to blog things.

I am so thankful deep in my heart for every single blogger who has taken their valuable time to share their experiences through this roundup post. If you like this article please don’t hesitate to comment, share it with your loved ones & with friends whom you care about.

You can also comment in the section below if you do have any queries, tips, advice you would like to know from some of the Senior Bloggers featured in this post.

The post has been made with the intention to share the own real experiences of every blogger in any niche. I will once again request you to read each and every blogger’s experience shared here so that you get the best of what you are looking for.

There is a possible Giveaway Contest coming in a few days and I am extremely sorry, not able to feature it as per the schedule and it will be within 31-08-2016. Stay tuned for more updates on this and for many upcoming posts.

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