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Interview with Manpreet Kaur – The Woman behind Indian BookTuber & Finix Post

IndianBookTuber Manpreet Kaur Interview

Today we had a chance to do an Exclusive Interview with Manpreet Kaur who is a dynamic young female Indian Blogger & Indian BookTuber.

Manpreet is a book lover and she also does vlogs and you can find her video posts from her “Life of Manpreet” YouTube channel here.

She is so humorous and you can find it in every activity of her like blog posts and video posts too.

I am fortunate enough to chat with her in my very early stages of blogging where I got a few tips and feedback from her to start my blog in WordPress.

So here I welcome Manpreet Kaur to share her thoughts on various aspects of blogging.

GurunathPlease share a bit about you and how did you get into blogging?

Manpreet Kaur: I think you already know my name. While I can share a lot about myself, the thing that might get the interest of the precious readers of this blog is that I am a blogger and social media marketer. I earn my living doing this while spending back-breaking hours on the internet.

I had set up a blogger blog just to try out this new product I came across. Slowly, I came to know more about blogging. Also, my desire to share my thoughts and experiences led me to start Finix Post.

GurunathHow difficult it is to choose a blogging career instead of a 9 to 5 Job? How did you manage to go with blogging instead of an MNC Job?

Manpreet Kaur: Very difficult. Blogging isn’t a career where you can just jump in and start earning thousands of bucks every day. It requires consistent efforts for a long time. Moreover, while living in a place like India, you get to tackle those people who discourage you and make you feel inferior for your not-so-common choices. All of this is quite tough to deal with.

I was lucky that none of the five MNCs who offered me jobs offered a profile that I wanted. So, it was quite an easy decision to do what I loved.

GurunathWhat are the most delightful and embarrassing moments so far in this Blog Journey of Yours?

Manpreet Kaur: Every time a person comments on my blog and tells me it helped them or entertained them, it gets added to my most delightful moments. Seriously, a single comment is enough to put me in a good mood for the entire day. Apart from that, I felt super awesome when Paulo Coelho shared my review for his book Brida. And also when writers appreciate my opinions about their book, positive or negative.

Embarrassing moments… Those are small grammatical mistakes. They’re always embarrassing for I often forget to proofread my articles.

Gurunath:   As a newbie blogger what mistakes did you do and how did you overcome them to be a successful blogger now? What tips do you give to newbies who want to pursue blogging as their career?

Manpreet Kaur: I didn’t monetize my blog for a long time. Even now, I don’t focus on it that much. If anyone is planning a full-time career in blogging, don’t do this. You can’t afford to pursue this career without making a good sum of money from it.

I won’t call myself a successful blogger but yes, I do keep trying to learn from my mistakes and correct them as I go on.

Some tips:

  • Make a strong base for your blog. Write good content. Create quality connections.
  • Be truthful to your readers. Respect them and care for them.
  • Be consistent. There’s nothing like a Sunday in blogging.

GurunathMany people look for online money making and how blogging can help them to achieve that goal of Earning from Blogging thing?

Manpreet Kaur: Well, blogging has never been a quick way to earn money so I would really suggest people not go for blogging to make “easy” money. As I always say, money is something that comes along with blogging and you must never make earning money, the only goal for your blogging career. It might sound counterproductive but that’s the way you can start earning money from blogging.

Some sources of money from blogging are PPC ads, affiliate sales, product sales, and sponsored posts. Also, when dealing with brands, never believe their “We’re working on short budget” story.  Ask them for money else don’t work with them.

GurunathWhat is your source of earnings from blogging? Do you have any strategies or techniques to follow to get regular income from blogging?

Manpreet Kaur: I get paid for sponsored posts and reviews. That’s where my maximum source of income comes from. I run two blogs at present. Apart from that, I also provide content writing and social media management services for various brands.

Only one technique – keep working hard on your blog and churning out good content.

Gurunath: What is the best platform (Blogger/ for Blogging especially for people who want to earn some money from it?

Manpreet Kaur: If you want to earn money from it, go to

Gurunath: Which Web hosting do you prefer or suggest for the newbies or beginners and why?

Manpreet Kaur: As a newbie, you don’t need too much server space. So, don’t spend money on getting extra space, etc. Begin with a normal hosting plan but go for unlimited bandwidth.

My website is hosted on a friend’s server.

 Gurunath: Which WordPress Plugins do you use and which are your favourites and why so?

Manpreet Kaur: Many common plugins like SEO by Yoast, Opt-in forms, Pretty Link Plugin, and Jetpack. Jetpack is my favorite for I hate logging into google analytics to check the stats every day.

 Gurunath:  What is your opinion on guest blogging? How does it help a blogger to earn income? Pros and Cons of it?

Manpreet Kaur: Guest blogging is one of the best ways to reach out to a great audience with the least amount of effort. You can’t directly earn income from guest blogging. But you can get a lot of new readers or I should say “leads”  that way. The only con for it would be doing guest blogging on low-quality sites and too frequently.

GurunathFinixPost one of the multi-niche blogs doing quite well and what is your suggestions to newbies in the selection of a Niche? How important and what effect it has in the future?

Manpreet Kaur: Though having a multi-niche blog seems to be cool but it is a tough thing to handle. The more the number of topics, the more your efforts get segregated. So, if you’re giving 100% to your blog which talks of 10 niches, only 10% would ultimately be considered in the internet world. That really makes it disappointing. So, jump into multi-niche if you can manage to give 100% to each niche you plan.

Else pick up one niche and focus on it. Having a single niche can help you portray yourself as a master in that particular niche. It definitely helps you get more attention and earn more.

GurunathWhat strategies do you follow for the SEO of your Blog? Can you share with our readers, few favourite SEO tools of yours?

Manpreet Kaur: My best strategy is to write quality and keyword-specific content. I have been running one blog for a brand that is getting 1000+ visitors a day only from organic search because of this particular thing I did with it for a year. But then don’t forget to focus on the rest of the SEO strategies. I just highlighted the most important one according to me.

I use “Yoast SEO ” for setting focus keywords, Google Adwords keyword planner tool to find good keywords, and tools like impactana for finding out quality content ideas.

Gurunath: What is link building and what effect it can be on a blog ranking? Any tools to improve Page rank and traffic for a blog?

Manpreet Kaur: Link building is a highly controversial topic of SEO and if you’re not completely aware of good SEO techniques, I would suggest you stay away from it. It is, otherwise, a very important and effective way to build a good reputation for your website. Quality links to and from your website can improve SEO, domain authority, and traffic.

Page Rank is dead. Google has stopped updating it for a long time. So, I use no tools for focusing on that. For traffic, I rely on Google (SEO) and social media.

Gurunath: Do you have any favourite Bloggers or Blogs if so please share with us and who is your inspirational blogger?

Manpreet Kaur: I did have some favourite blogs which blogged about blogging tips, but got bored of them. I hardly read blogs now except for some good blogs within my network.

GurunathFinally what message do you give to “Best Of Guru” readers and suggestions for improvement if any of this Blog?

Manpreet Kaur:  I seriously admire the kind of efforts you’re putting into your blog and I must tell the readers that this is a blog that they can stick to and then admire for a long time. So, keep following this guy for amazing content.

Thanks to Manpreet Kaur for this adorable interview and for sparing some time for us.

If any of you have any queries, please do ask in the comments below!

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Please watch Manpreet Kaur’s latest online video interview on our Bestofguru YouTube channel to know more insights into her blogging journey.

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